Tell me about your love for Araline!

  1. Okay, I need your help and input.
    I've noticed that many of you listed the Araline as one of your favorites and I would LUV to know why........
    I've gleened that it's:
    1) lighter in weight
    2) the tassles can be moved around
    3) and it appears to be unstructured
    4) does it come in two types of leather? What are the pros/cons of each?

    Does it slouch like a true hobo? Are the straps adjustable? Does the color rub off?

    Pleeze let me know :yes:;)

  2. I love my soft nappa araline in tangerine because
    1. it's incredibly light.
    2. it slouches beautifully - kind of slumps into a half moon shape.
    3. Tassels are movable so you can have the knot wherever it feels comfortable.
    4. It holds a lot.
    5. No colour has come off mine.

    However - I wouldn't go for a washed nappa one as it marks very easily and scags badly. Apparently it's not at all hard wearing and can tear.
    The soft nappa is completely different - very hard wearing and robust.
    It's a totally fab bag and is probably my favourite Mulberry.
  3. Ive got one of either (soft and washed) and the washed nappa does seem more delicate, however Ive had no problems with the colour coming off.

    One of the reasons I love them is that they hold alot, but dont look 'too big' if you know what I mean? Ive taken mine out during the day and at night time, as they dont look too bulky on a night out. They can also be dressed up or down (the slouchy shape means they can look pretty casual with the right outfit). Plus I love playing with the tassles!

    Ive just realised thats three reasons... ah well there you go!
  4. ^^ITA but I don't know whether mine is washed or soft Nappa (dark brown with light purple on the inside of the tassels..?). The leather is so incredibly soft:love:. I have used mine very carefully, only one small scratch. I agree that it holds a lot, but mostly I only carry wallet, keys and phone and I don't think that it could take a lot of weight in the long run.