tell me about your JPG birkins please!

  1. i mentioned on another thread that i've got a craving for a JPG birkin, and i'm trying to figure out whether it's a passing fancy or something i should get.

    so tell me, what do you love about your JPG? anything you dislike? has anyone tried one and discovered it didn't work for you?

    i gather they're heavy, but that many of you love them anyway -- so what's the scoop?

    thanks! :flowers:
  2. Oooh...I'm very interested in the answers as well. I adore the photo thread, but it'll be great to get some feedback from owners who have had their JPG now for a bit and can weigh in on the pros and cons.
  3. In my haste to own a Birkin, I came very close to buying a Rouge Clemence 42cm JPG Birkin a few months ago, but I just couldn't do it.

    While I think it is more functional than the traditional Birkin, there was something about the shape that I just didn't like. It looked really squatty to me. Also, when I did put it on my shoulder, it was a bit bulky, which made it uncomfortable.

    I can see where it would work for some, but it just didn't work for me.

    (By the way, I'm glad I held out because I found the exact Birkin I wanted almost exactly one month later!)
  4. DQ, I'd given my assessment of the JPG Shoulder Birkin in the photos thread

    It's been 1 1/2 months since I got my shoulder Birkin and I have not regretted a single day that I have it.

    I have a renewed assessment though:-
    • It's a wonderful addition to a Hermes collection. It cannot however satiate one's Hermes thirst/hunger for more Birkins or Kellys.
    • I use it on days I want to wear a Birkin but need to keep my hands free e.g. shopping and when I have my kids in tow
    • I love the width (and thank goodness it's short in height) because I can throw alot in there
    • It gets heavy but it should not come as a surprise. We all know that any Birkin that is more than 35cm is heavy, and what more, it's in clemence.
    • I get more stares from passerbys with my shoulder birkin than my 30cm or 35cm.
    I too was concerned initially that it could just be a passing fancy. And you know what I did? I looked at photos of the shoulder birkin for weeks and weeks. And I 'stalked' the ladies I see with the shoulder birkin IRL, and even imagined myself with it. Then I placed my order with my local H store and the rest is history :love: :yes:
  5. thanks, mrssparkles -- i've been reading that thread but didn't notice the assesments . . . i was probably just blinded by all the pretty pictures.

    can you fit magazines in them? i know it's not tall enough, but flat, maybe?
  6. Yes, DQ. You can place magazines on their backs inside the shoulder birkin.
  7. I agree with your assessment, mrssparkles. After having my JPG now for 2 months, I still love it.

    pros: carried on your shoulder for hands free situations, can fit a ton of stuff (a light jacket, magazines, bottled water, wallet, makeup bag, and still have room for keys, sunglass case, etc), shorter so it makes finding things in the bag a lot easier

    cons: weight, esp because my JPG is clemence, a little long which can easily be bumped into by other people :cursing: or I bump it into things
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