Tell me about your Gioco

  1. The first time I saw a Gioco in person, my first reaction was ugh, it looks like a pain to get in and out of, next!

    Well, they've been growing on me :sweatdrop: but they still look like a hassle to use.

    So, Gioco owners: tell me what you love and hate about your bag. How much can you carry in it? Do you prefer it to a zucca? Why or why not?
  2. I'll be honest...the Gioco is (at least to me) a bit of a hassle to get in and out of. But I still really like it. I just got my first Gioco (Inferno) last week so I'm still getting used to it.

    I keep wishing the zipper ran the other direction...when I carry the bag with the small zipper pocket facing out, the main zipper pull is behind me where I can't reach would make life easier if it opened from the other end so you could quick upzip to throw keys in, etc. So I just carry it backwards.

    When you have to set it on the little ledges, like in Target or the grocery store, it does tend to glop over the edges like a blob, LOL. Kind of has a mind of it's own.

    But, it does hold a whole MESS of stuff - at least by my standards...I don't carry nearly as much in my bags as some girls, but I still carry quite a bit. And I love how it never seems to look lumpy or weird...when you pull up the handles it folds itself right and looks like it's supposed to.

    I also really like the length of the straps...I wear mine up on my shoulder and it hangs in a good place for me (I'm 5'1").

    All in all, it is definitely a quirky style and it's taking a little getting used to for me, but I am definitely bonding with it. :smile:

  3. i used to never like the gioco either until i got my OP gioco from the outlets. i used it and it really isnt THAT hard for me to get in and out of the bag. strange because when i try the ones in the store, i always had problems which made me deter from the gioco. all in all, its a cute bag which holds ALOT of crap but if you're looking for functionality, then zucca's the way to go :]
  4. Inferno gioco was my first bag. I actually really like the look of gioco from the beginning. It doesn't look like a small duffle to me. I never really have a problem getting in and out of it. I just unzip it and let one strap hang down toward the floor. That leaves the bag wide open for me to get into.

    I thought zucca looks weird at first, but now I love it. Tokidoki just do things to our minds. hehehe.
  5. I always liked the style, but I heard it was a problem getting in and out..but I got one anyway because I thought the style was cute when used. And ya know what? Even though it's a pain in the ass sometimes..I still love my Amore Gioco and I plan on buying at least two more Giocos yeahhh for me it's all right lolz.
  6. I love my Adios Star Gioco bc it holds a whole lotta crapola. I do think it is an itty bitty hassle to open like when you're in line to pay or something. Most of the times I don't zip it up for that reason. I luv it for the size and shape. I don't have a zucca yet (it's on preorder w/Transporto). I can imagine I'd fall in luv with zucca too. But it's Tokidoki like the other person said... It does things to your mind and it's ok. :love:
  7. I have a L'amore Gioco. I LOVE IT! Yah, it is kinda irratating getting in and out of the bag. especially if your hands are full or you are in a rush. I think the overall look of it makes up for it. It's different and I get lots of compliments on it.

    Zucca's are great too...I have a Spiaggia Zucca and I use it the most. It's easier to use then the Gioco and can hold lots of stuff ( just like the gioco) I think both of these bags are the best styles in tokidoki. GET BOTH!

    You'll love um!
  8. I love the Gioco. It's my fave style. It looks great and can fit everything I need in it (even the stuff I don't need, cuz I just toss random things in there sometimes) without looking huge. I did have problems opening it at first, but like all new things it just takes practice and getting use to. I have no problems opening it now, I use the same stragedy that qtiekiki uses to get in and out of my bags and let one strap hang to the floor (just make sure not lose you stuff cuz I've had things fall out cuz I'm a klutz), or I prefer to find a flat surface to open my bag on.
    I don't have a zucca yet to give you a comparison (if Macy's would hurry up and get Tutti I would!:cursing:), but many ladies here LOVE them.
  9. oh gosh now i want one... x.x time to go post on LJ lol!
  10. giocos are super cute! i too get in and outta it by dropping one strap off my shoulder and then unzip's not too bad when you get used to it~!!! it holds a TON of stuff and has a really unique look. I have a zucca too which is great but a different shape ( lot "bigger" looking) becuase it's more flat. simply put, giocos rock!!!
  11. It's funny you say that...because I just saw one on there now lol.
  12. you saw one for sale or somebody posting to buy one :huh: because if its the later that would be me haha
  13. ^Well, a gioco in general...there is an Amore one that went up right before you said you wanted a gioco...but it's an Amore, not Inferno so no luck yet for that lolz.
  14. haha. iono originally i planned on buying a gioco or BV but now that i have BV i want the other one too >_> it will be lonely by itself *bad excuse to buy*
  15. Thank you all for your input! I think I'll have to try one now :biggrin: I love my zucca to death, but I wanted something with a slightly different shape too, without being too bulky.