Tell me about YOUR funny sunburns!!!

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  1. I have had some great one' are just a few of mine!

    TODAY: We went to a parade so I put sunscreen on. Then I went to the pool and laid out. sunburn is on the TOP half of my arms ONLY!!! (Good to know that my awesome spray-on sunscreen works...even after being in a pool for an hour first and for being applied 5 HOURS before!!!)

    Before spray-on sunscreen was invented: I had put on sunscreen and had apparently missed some places...and on each side of my upper arms you could see where all 5 fingers STOPPED and the sunburn began!!!

    Like everyone else, I have had my share of funny feet sunburns!

    So....I am dying to know...anyone else get home to discover some seriously funny or odd sunburns??!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Oh I have another...

    My dad is a huge Nebraska Cornhusker I once wrote "Huskers" on his back and it worked!!!

    Oh man, another one!

    Cruise to the Bahama's: I feel asleep on the deck under a part of my body was hanging out, legs crossed, arms wrapped up together...that was a FUNNY sunburn!!!
  3. One time when I was younger... I fell asleep on a lawn chair with my hand on my chest. Yes. HUGE hand print. :nuts:
  4. Not me but SO's swimming goggles on his forehead and then a tanned face, that was funny.
  5. When I was little, I had a 2 piece suit that I loved becuase the bottoms were black & white striped. Whenever I came back from the beach & peeled off my suit, you could see dark & light stripes on my skin. I liked to pretend I was part zebra. I think I was in kindergarten still. lol
  6. I burned my ass last week , my right cheek was hot pink and I could only sit on the left cheek... The pain and itch was insufferable...
  7. sunglasses when at beach
  8. Not so funny at the time, but I was scrupulous about sunscreen in Hawaii, but it was winter and I was so pale to start with that I ended up breaking out all over with a bit of sun poisoning, I guess. I was a mess.

    Funniest thing I ever saw was in college after Spring Break. A girl came back from Florida looking dark tan (back in the day when we wanted to tan as much as possible) on the front side and the back (backs of her legs, arms, back) were pale Michigan white. She thought she looked so cool.
  9. About 5 years ago, I went on a cruise with my family to South America. The sun is scorching and a lot stronger than what I was used to, especially since I rarely ever lay out to tan. Well, my sister is an avid tanner. She was laying out on the pool deck and I went out there to ask her if she wanted to hit up the pre-dinner dessert buffet. She wanted to lay out for 30 more minutes so I decided to join her. I sloshed some sunblock on my face, arms, and chest... but didn't do a very good job and missed a lot around my collar bone. I can't remember if we had laid out for 30 minutes or 1 hr, and I even asked her if I was getting red anywhere, and her was response was "nope, you look fine!"

    Turns out, the area I didn't put sunblock on was BRIGHT red, but to make it worse, my cross necklace was laying on the exact spot, so when I took the necklace off, there was an imprint of a cross on my chest! For the rest of the cruise everyone came up to me and asked why I had a cross imprinted on me and how creepy they found it. :roflmfao:
  10. I saw a picture of a guy who must have fallen asleep with his hat on backwards....and you guessed it.....he had a goofy red peephole sunburn on his white forehead that looked extremely funny. I don't think there was a way in hell that he could cover it up.
  11. Thats funny!!! Oh my gosh...I couldn't imagine thinking that was 'cool'!!! :P
  12. Of all the years we spent out at the lake as a family...I can't believe this never happened to my dad!!!
  13. Oh friend that came with me yesterday had the same thing happen! He wore this square emblem of some kind and that spot is white as can be on the neck!
  14. Oh my gosh!!! That is crazy that such a thing would happen!!!
  15. Ha, mine is fairly simple, but I'm so freakin' pale that you can still see the remnants...

    I'm an enormous, ridiculous football fan and I go to every home game, every season at UGA since I still live in Athens. In the South, it's traditional to dress up for college football - girls wear sundresses and guys wear button-downs and dress pants, usually with ties. All of this in school colors, naturally. Anyway, I went to an early October game in Athens wearing a strapless jersey dress. It was a 1:00 game. It can still be ridiculously hot here in GA in early October, but I forget that every year - it sounds like a cold month, you know? So I didn't put on any sunscreen.

    BAD mistake.

    I'm ultra pale, and I stood outside for about 4 hours in the direct Georgia afternoon sun. So not only did I burn bad enough to peel and itch and hurt like a *****, but suddenly there was a HUGE contrast between the color of my boobs and the color of my chest. I'm more well-endowed than average and go out a lot at night, so a deep-v is basically my favorite look EVER, and when I wore one for about a year after that, basically everyone that saw me would ask me about it. Guys couldn't help but mention it on dates. I basically didn't have any night-out dresses or shirts that didn't make it painfully, hilariously obvious. You can still sorta see it, and it's been almost TWO YEARS.

    Giant white boobs, dark tan chest. *Facepalm*