Tell me about your first Chloé bag!

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  1. Tell me everything! Your excitement, first time you brought her out etc!:yahoo:

    Happy Holidays!
  2. I'll bite on this story! My first Chloe was purchased about a year ago, Dec'06 (btw I now have 6 of them and number 7 is coming in January...pathetic, LOL)...anyway my sister Divnanata was obsessing about her first Chloe for months and even though I loved the bag I didn't want to belly up and splurge the $$$. But I was intriqued and would listen to her processing. Also I would reminisce our first retail siting of the infamous Paddy (05) at a Chicago NM...were Div and I just swooned.

    So Div finally buys her Chloe and low and behold it's not a Paddy but a large Chain Handled Betty Tote, I even remember her calling me and telling me about it while I was at the hairdressers getting my DS's hair cut. She was talking about this purse forum blog and how she couldn't wait to share her experience with you ladies.

    I finally see her purse (I loved it on her), heard more about Phoebe Phillo as the designer, how she was retiring and that these bags would no longer, be as they were.

    Sooooo I started perusing NM's sale pages for a cheap Chloes and wham I see the patent choco Betty chain handle in the small version. I wrestled with my guts and hit the purchase button, never seeing the bag IRL. It finally came and I never looked back. I still think it's my prettiest Chloe :nuts:. I never would have bought it if it wasn't for A) hearing my sister preach and B) seeing her Betty.

    The first time I wore my Betty, Div was with me, at this point she needs to continue her story! :graucho:
  3. awwwww dont get me started!! it was same time last year when i got my first chloe!!
    a sweet chocolate Edith loaf (the smaller version of classic edith!). i got compliments from my brother.. and he doesnt get my bag addiction.. so that was "something" coming out from him looool
    she was stiff and scared to go out to the world!! but i was gentele.. never pushed the stiff leather to soften.. i just let it calm down naturaly with time! and it did so beautifuly.
    took her to work first time.. and felt proud.. held all my stuff + my lunch box:love:
    when winter ended last year.. i had put her to rest a bit.. but soon missed her at the end of this summer and started taking her out again and never parted with her since then!
    i like how discreet my stuff are inside it even if the zipper was pulled open.. it looks classy yet has some distinctive character that makes it stand out without much noise..

    chocolate brown is such a warm color.. i got tons of compliments from my friends when i wore it during visits.

    i like the sturdy factor too!! God she has been beaten a lot! specially in the workshop i attended a week back.. she took it like a brave girl and never complained.. OMG she looks as new as when i first got her.. doesnt look used at all.. expect that the leather had soften.

    to celebrate my 26th BD and cry over that i am not married yet! a muscade classic Edith with shoulder strap is comming on its way to me (it will be my second chloe!) :sweatdrop:

    cant wait to meet the classic one.. i am in love with my Chloe Edith :heart:

    a pic after being loved by me :biggrin: (this pic represents the color better)

    when she was a new born :biggrin:
  4. OmGOsh that little Edith is a delectable delight. No wonder you're hooked.

    P.S. don't stress about being single at 26. I was 31 when I married.
  5. ^^^ awwww just read ur betty's story!! :love:
    thank u sweetie for sharing that.. that made me feel a bit better.. meanwhile i'll enjoy the homeless cat "fofo" that i am feeding and trying to win his trust hehehe :shame:
  6. I have to write NOW! I had several 'firsts'. The absolute first was a cumbersome too large double chain handled Betty tote that I bought on a whim off the NM sale table just over a year ago. I was supposed to be buying a full priced Paddy and had the cash in my hot little/big hands. (I was trying to hide this new purse addiction from my DH whose famous quote is "spending that much money on a bag is morally reprensible".) Once I had taken the plunge - it was all downhill. Really it was a Paddy that I desperately wanted - as we all do. Mediums never look good on me so when AR was having a 50% off sale that I learned about on this forum I HAD to jump on my large belt pocket as seen in the avatar. Meanwhile two things happened: A) I saw the brown patent chain handled Betty that Susie wore for the first time when we went to see Dreamgirls together and I was insanely gut wrenchingly jealous and B) my large Betty tote broke! - probably from the weight. Some threads came loose. I sheepishly took it back to NM's hoping against hope that even though I had worn it???... and they took it back for store credit!! Yet that refund couldn't pay for the AR bag so what to do with the moolah? Ah HAH! MORE sales! Bergdorf's and NM's use the same credit card! The brown chain handled patent Betty popped up at 50% off and I scooped it up. Susie didn't care if we owned the same purse - she's great that way!

    So I guess the belt pocket was the first? And I just swooned wearing it.:love:
  7. [to celebrate my 26th BD and cry over that i am not married yet! a muscade classic Edith with shoulder strap is comming on its way to me (it will be my second chloe!) :sweatdrop:

    Vanilla - I LOVE:love: your Edith loaf. I've never seen one quite like that (I have the Whisky messenger version myself).

    On the marriage front, I was 29 when I got hitched - you've got plenty of time ! I had completely given up on getting hitched:shrugs: when I met my DH. It was love:heart: at first sight - literally. We were engaged within three months of meeting each other and married within ten months ( and it was a long distance romance...he was living in Santa Cruz at the time and I was in London). Sometimes the 'right one' just pops up unexpectedly - I'm sure your prince will come in time too:yes: !
  8. My first Chloe was a Whisky Edith. I first clapped eyes on one of these beauties in a Chloe magazine advert and then couldn't get it out of my head:girlsigh:. In the end I bought one on eBay even though I knew in my heart that a bag I couldn't wear on my shoulder was completely inpractical. When she arrived I spent alot of time taking her out of her dustbag and admiring her:love: but when I finally took her out, I knew we weren't a match made in heaven.

    I then decided to sell her on and buy the Messenger style in Whisky, which is far better for me as I lug around a ton of stuff ,hence needing a shoulder bag. To be honest, I don't think the Messenger style is as satisfying design-wise as the version without the strap:sad:, but obviously the strap can be detatched for aesthetic reasons. Anyway, one Chloe led to another and now I've got an embarassingly large selection of Quilted Bay Bags which I think is going to be my all time favourite Chloe design:tup:.
  9. Love these stories!! My first was a Chloe Patent Betty tote almost 2 years ago. Everytime I carried it, I got compliments, and I had never seen patent done so well. I just loved all those pockets and zipper pulls, it just felt so 'chic'. After that, I wanted the bag that Carmen Electra was carrying, the big black Betty satchel with the gold lock, so when NM had it on sale, I the saga continues, many, many Chloes later, I still love the thrill of a new Chloe.
  10. llson??? If you can I would love to see this Big Black Betty with a gold lock? Woof!
  11. ^Do you mean "oink"?
  12. I went on a high with Chloe bags this summer when I first joined I blame you girls for this addiction:p

    My first was an edith bowler from She was huge and stiff and back it went.

    2nd one from NAP, a edith black bowler. Cannot be worn over the shoulder so gave to mom.

    3rd time is the charm:yahoo:. Got 3 from bloomie sale, black silverado, ava shoulder bag and Tekla. Fell in love with the amazing colors and super soft leather and decided that I want more.

    In 3 months time, got myself another silverado, 2 paddys, and a vintage chloe. Been in love ever since.

    Returned the black silverado doctor bag to bloomys recently, :crybaby:and got a Chanel PST instead. When I was ready to take her out, her shoulder straps are so thick and keep slipping off, so back it went. Really, really miss her though:sad:.
  13. My first chloe was a brown Edith from NMLC. I loved her, a lot, but am more of a shoulder bag girl. While I still had her, I also got a Mastic same sale, different store. I loved her a lot also, but couldn't decide if I wanted 1 much less 2 bags that were'nt comfortable on my shoulder. So, I ordered a front pocket paddy from NM online and it arrived as a return. It had no cards, and was dirty. Now I had 3 Chloe I wasn't in love with. I decided it was time to see some IRL and off to Dallas I went. I saw a lot of Chloe that I loved, but weren't "me". Then, I saw her...the med. red Heloise. I thought she was beautiful!! But, how could I possibly justify spending $1575 on a red bag. Red is my absolute favorite color, but I don't wear a lot of it. Anyway, I walked away from her, and have regretted that ever since. While in Dallas, I returned all my Ediths and the Front pocket paddy and went home empty handed. I started to look on eBay for the perfect paddy, since I loved them too and could wear on my shoulder if I needed to. I also decided I wanted an Edith but this time a messenger, so I could carry it on my shoulder when I needed my hands free. I was bidding on the paddy first, and was determined to have it. I saw someone else her had it authenticated and felt pretty good about it. While that auction was still running, I made a "best offer" on an Ecuriel/Whiskey Edith Messenger. I shot a bit low, not expecting to get it, since I still was lead bidder on the paddy. She emailed me back and said I'd won it and I was shocked! I also soon after won the paddy. Now I had 2 coming from eBay in the same color. What to do? I got the paddy first, and it was so soft and smooshy and looked so good for a used paddy. (said she only carried a few times) It came with tags, but no dustbag. Then the Edith arrived with dustbag, tags and a copy of her receipt. I compared both of them to the authentication threads (library, etc.) and determined they were/are authentic. I was in love! Soon after, I found an awesome awesome deal on 2 new paddies from Bloomies. The first I got, the elephant, was not what I anticipated. It did grow on me, but took a while. The second, a noir, has the best leather, smells wonderful, is soft and smooshy too!
    I went on to chase down that first red heloise to no avail. I finally settled for her little sister which I have grown very very fond of. It's a nice size, has great compartments and I just love it. I also had a "mousse front pocket paddy" come my way (but too green vs. gray for me). I was also accidentally sent an Elvire hobo in brown. It's a cute bag, but wasn't what I was ordering and the boutiques had it at 1/2 off at the time. Although I got Nordies to agree to pm it, I don't think it's staying.

    I know you asked about my first bag, but I couldn't really tell you without spilling the whole story. For those of you who know how bad i wanted a red med. Heloise....guess what???? Gosh I hope I'm not jinxing myself....I got one last night on Bluefly. The bag was less than its twin in black (for some reason?) I thought the red was much more popular. The even better part? I had a 10% off coupon code for Bluefly so I got it at a steal!!! If I like it more than the smaller one, it's $400 cheaper.~~

    I am soooo excited, but sooo nervous it won't meet my expectations. Meanwhile, I have several bags to decided what to do with because I can't keep them all. I did notice that the paddys have gone up quite a bit and that's sad to me. I'll definitely have to wait for sales in the future if that's the case. I do love my Chloe, but I did just get a Chanel GST. I'm not sure it she's staying yet. If I ever get to Vegas as planned, I hope to see a lot more styles then I can make up my mind!

    Wow..long post! Thanks for those who followed to the end.
  14. OmGOSH you got your medium satchel Red Heloise??? The big kahoona??? Pics baby! No ifs, ands, or buts about it???

    I saw an E/W Red Heloise on BF but not the tall Red Satchel, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I had her sent 2day, should be here before Christmas. I hope I love her as much as I think I will. I have really grown fond of the smaller one, but the medium was my first true love. I will definitely let you know when she gets here. I am soooooooooo excited! It was off and on the bluefly site all day and I finally snagged it. I couldn't believe it!

    I'm just hoping she's not a sloppy looking return. Why would someone give up this bag? And, it was only $1220 less my 10% discount made it $1100. I paid $1525 for the smaller one.

    Is it too good to be true? Time will tell!
    But, I'm gonna stay excited until she gets here!