Tell me about your first Chanel Bag!

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  1. Hey guys!

    So for all of us buying a new bag is a big deal & purchasing your first Chanel for some can be a milestone in life!

    I'd love to hear your stories on your first Chanel Bag purchase, what bag you bought, how long you saved, how old you were - basically the story behind your first bag :smile:

    Any eye candy wouldn't go amiss either :P

    Looking forward to hearing your stories!
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  2. My first Chanel was the GST black caviar with gold hardware. It cost around £1600 at the time. It was a bit of hassle because it was the first time my card was asked to get such a huge amount of money in one go, so when they tried to use my card at Chanel boutique, my bank refused so you can guess the embarrassment!!! It was nearly 6pm and all I could do was to return next day with cash. My card was blocked for several days! Next day I was so ashamed to return to Chanel boutique that I decided to go to Harrods instead. After that was ok. Since then, I have probably purchased about 10 Chanel bags, and I'm now with 6. I think I prefer not to make accounts of how much I've spent. :sad:
  3. Here is a pic of the family, but my last addition was the Gabrielle. :smile:

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  4. Love love love your collection! ❤️

    I had a similar experience with making a purchase online with Louis Vuitton, my card got blocked by my bank for fraud :sad:

    I'd have been mortified if it was in store though.
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  5. Thank you! And I was! :sad: Though I have returned to the same boutique later and to be honest I didn't really care anymore! Hahaha.. xx
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  6. Im thinking is selling my Jambo. I find it too big for me now. :sad: I think the medium would suit me better. x
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  7. If I'm honest I think the Sales Associates in boutiques are probably used to it, they take Payments for large amounts daily so it's bound to happen :smile:

    Ahhhh I really love your Square Mini!
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  8. My first Chanel bag was the preloved elastic hobo bag in black. I was never into Chanel bags, but one day I saw a brown elastic flap bag in the store window and fell in love, but felt that it was not my style/color. Some time passed before I saw the hobo and felt that it could work. And then one evening walking home I saw a young lady with a jumbo. I remember it was New York City chilly, dark fall evening, but that woman looked so perfectly comfortable wearing her bag and it was so perfect on her that all I could look at was the light reflecting from the hardware as she walked past store windows. And I knew that I am in love with classic flaps. I have come to realize since then that I prefer m/l size to jumbo and that I love boy and minis, but from time to time I still go back to that fall evening and remember how beautifully and confidently that woman wore her Chanel.
  9. My first Chanel was my grey Stingray WOC. Megs did a segment about what fit in hers (she had the black version) and I couldn't stop staring at it. One evening while shopping with a friend, we wandered into the Chanel boutique in NM and there it was in grey. My heart started beating fast, I broke out into a sweat and in the end, I brought her home. On a side note, if I had been 5 minutes later walking in I would have missed out because while I was trying it on another customer came in and expressed that she would take it if I didn't. The pressure was a little intense with her staring at me, but I have no regrets and still love the bag today and it will always be special to me.:heart:
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    My first Chanel was when I was 28 years old, sixteen years ago. I bought it at Neiman Marcus in White Plains, New York. It was a lambskin with GHW, Chocolate Bar Camera Bag. I paid USD 580. I love that bag because although it is Chanel, it is understated. I still have it. I own two Gabrielle, a CF M/L and three SLG.
  11. My first Chanel bag was a Classic flap M/L black caviar with GHW, bought last year together with a seasonal WOC. It was soooo exciting , it was Christmas time and I got it at 31 Rue Cambon!! Such a unique experience, with photo at the staircase adn all. Of course, my card was also at first declined, had to try different ones and paid separetedly divided in two credit cards!! My daughters face when they saw the Classic flap at store saying " OHHHH thats so beatuiful" are unforgetable...
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  12. I just got my very first Chanel this year which is the Chanel Boy Bag in the small size, black lambskin quilting and light gold hardware. The Boy has always been my dream bag for so long but being a full time student, I always felt like I could only admire it others and would never be able to afford one when the time comes. Earlier in May, my parents went on a trip to Paris for their anniversary and since I had some money after saving for 2 years, I asked them to keep an eye out for a Chanel WOC or Square Mini Flap. Initially they purchased a WOC in caviar leather, silver hardware and I was estatic to hear that they could track one of my wishlist items down. To my suprise, they actually came back home and gifted me with the Boy bag instead. They felt like the WOC was just so small and if they were already going to be spending money at Chanel, might as well go for something bigger. Apparently when they went to exchange the WOC, my dad saw another customer looking at the Small Boy in the exact combination above and he told the SA that is the bag he wants for me. He loves the luxurious combination of the light gold against the lambskin. In the end, things turned out as I got the bag that I originally wanted and I couldn't be more grateful to my parents for helping me pay the other half as a graduation gift. What's funny is that I've always thought if I were fortunate to get a Boy, it would be in caviar in the Old medium size but after getting this one, I'm very much happy with the version that I have. The small looks more proportionate on my body frame and the hardware is quite versatile as I can get away with wearing white gold jewellery without it clashing with the bag. Gotta love my dad for having such great taste in handbags lol. Not only is this my first Chanel piece but it also marks a huge milestone and the fact that it was also gifted by my parents makes it even more special. The boy will be in my collection for a very long time :smile:
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  13. I bought my very first Chanel some time in 2014. It was the 2014 pink Valentine bag[emoji4]. I bought it second-hand as I thought I would not be able to afford it direct from the boutique and also, it was already past the season.

    However, the bag was so delicate. I didn't know how to handle lambskin plus the diamantes kept falling off the charm. I got it repaired at the boutique and then it happened again. I decided to sell it in the end to purchase a secondhand jumbo.

    Eversince that Valentine flap, I cannot stop my obsession with Chanel. Lol

    Here's a picture of it[emoji51]
  14. My first Chanel bag was a present from my dad, a seasonal black patent & fabric shoulder bag with silver hardware. This was for my 26th birthday (8 years ago) I rocked that bag for years. In the last couple of years though I hadn't carried it much and felt that the large 'double c's on the front looked a little dated. I gave it to my mum who is currently rocking it now. Still love that bag and could not bring myself to selling it Xx
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  15. I bought myself a caviar jumbo with ghw almost 3 years ago. It's love and excitement anything she comes out. Drove DH crazy obsessing over this bag. Poor man, now though he understands the allure of Chanel.
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