Tell me about your experience with studs on bags.

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  1. Hey ladies, I love pretty much all the studded MK bags, particularly the Selma satchels and messengers. I have a medium quilted Selma messenger which has brushed almost old gold studs all over it. I always, always drool over the stud bags but since having my suttons with the gold feet I have seen more wear than I would have expected for as careful as I have been. How do the studs on the normal style Selma messengers and satchels hold up? Do they wear as easy as the feet? Have just seen a gorgeous combo but the studs and hardware are black and I can't help love it yet be worried that it's just going to rub off

    Suz x
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    Hi! I only have one bag with studs; medium Selma messenger in pale pink with gold studs. It's about two years old now and I wear it mainly during spring/summer. The studs on my bag is flawless.
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  3. I had a pearl grey studded Selma messenger and not a single flaw on the studs. Held up perfectly!
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  4. Thanks for this, good to know that even two years down the line it still looks perfect
  5. Thank you for your reply, I have listed after pearl grey and studs for ages x
  6. The PG with siver studs are being sold at Zalando here in Norway. Looks gorgeous!
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  7. A classic combo isn't it
  8. My 2 studded Selma's are holding up just fine. The feet are showing wear and tear but the studs are perfect. Go for it! They're kinda edgy I like to think ;) like Valentino Rock stud without the hefty price xx
  9. I have the Jet Set Travel Stud Tote and it holds up beautifully!

  10. Thanks for letting me know, I just think the studs add a little extra to some colors and was just a bit worried. The feet on my suttons have worn so quick the only thing I can think it is from when I have placed my bags next to my feet in the foot well of hubby's car trying to not be too precious about it and just enjoy using them. Good to know the studs seem to fair better. Now I just need to decide what I want.... Dusty rose medium Selma stud satchel, messenger, Sutton or jet set zip top tote
    Lovely tote, really eye catching
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  11. I have a medium black studded Selma that's about 3 years old and although some of the tips of the studs on the back have discoloured slightly from where they have rubbed up against my body that's just normal wear and tear so I can't complain.
  12. That's brilliant for 3 years wear definately feeling more confident in buying a bag with studs now
  13. I have a Michael Kors bag with studs. It's a suede, medium size shoulder bag or tote in brown. I've been trying to research it online, but I'm too new at this to know if it's real. As soon as I make my 5 posts, I'll put up pictures. Maybe someone here can help me.
  14. I have had the medium black studded Selma for 2 years and the studs show no wear and tear.
    I do switch out my bags frequently but I use that bag alot
  15. I have 3 bags with studs,That I love ,they add a little bit of fun to the bags. I've never had any issues with the studs.I've had the Pink bags for 2 years. The black one for around 6 months & the Blue one for about a month now.

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