Tell me about your bag rotation!

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  1. We talk a lot about bag rotation on this forum. Tell me about how you rotate your bags. How long do you usually use a bag before you rotate to another? What makes you decide to switch to another bag?
    A lot of you gals talk about not liking it when you have bags that don't get used much do you feel you need to use a bag to justify keeping it?
    I am rather odd when it comes to my bag rotation. I really just go with how I feel that morning. I don't really worry about matching my outfit or anything. Sometimes I switch bags everyday and other times I just can't make myself move out of a bag for a week or so. I also go through phases with my bags. Right now I can't move out of my Black Patent Peyton, but earlier this month I was stuck in my Editorial Zoe. You just never can tell with me what bag I will be carrying and how long I will carry it. Heck sometimes I switch bags twice a day.
  2. I usually try to match my bag to my outfit. Unless I'm in a hurry, then I just go with the bag I had the day before (which happens alot). I've been known to switch several times during a day depending on change in outfits/activities- sick, I know!
  3. I coordinate with my clothes, so sometimes that means changing bags at leat twice a day
  4. I don't have a specific bag rotation myself. It just depends on where I'm going. If I'm going shopping or know I want my hands free, my choice is automatically Parker Hippie. Now I'm super glad I chose that bag in black because she is my go-to bag a lot! If I know I am going to a restaurant I am usually not that picky, but I try to use something that I know won't get too dirty or absorb smells. Any leather bag or my Heritage Stripe tote fits that category. And if it's an outdoor activity like the beach - definitely has to be my Heritage Stripe or my Hamptons Weekend tote. Totes that carry a lot and are easy to keep clean. I definitely do not like the idea of a sandy Coach bag and these girls can handle a lot. I can even stuff a hoodie into my Hamptons which shocked me! Another category for me is family parties. Now this is where us ladies - aunts & cousins - show off our stuff! It looks like a damn Coach purse party. Last time we got together for the 4th and my aunt had a graphite OP art Sabrina and I had my amethyst one! Haha!
  5. I switch with my clothes, but I'm ashamed to admit that sometimes I want to carry a bag so bad that I pick out my clothes based on the bag! :lol: If I really am feeling something, I'll carry it for a bit, but otherwise I switch every one-two days.
  6. I don't have a specific rotation. Here is my logic:
    Big, indestructable bag or crossbody when I'm out with the kids
    Small cute bag when I'm out alone
    Going out with friends one of my statement bags ;)
    Usually I will carry one bag for a week or so and then change regardless.
  7. My purses are mostly black so I can stick to one a very long time until I feel it's time for me to switch to something fresh :lol: The only thing that will make me switch purses is a party or even. Otherwise, I'm too darn lazy although I own lots of bags.
  8. I choose my purse based on my outfit, which for me also means sometimes twice a day.

    And I also will pick my outfit based on what purse I want to carry that day.

  9. I change it when I feel like it. It can be a day or a few months that I use a bag really.
  10. Hmm. I change bags both according to mood and according to outfit/destination. I like larger bags for every-day (think large Zoe, Peyton, Francine or Hamptons carry-all), medium sized bags for weekends and shopping (medium Zoe, Carly carry-all, Ali, Legacy Shoulder, Ergo Satchel)... and smaller bags for going out (Bridgit, Soho satchel, madison small hobo, various clutches/capacity wristlets).

    If I'm doing something active (need hands) or where I can't put a bag down, I like a cross-body (Heritage Stripe convertible hobo, or classic legacy cross-body).

    Whew! :tender:

    I love switching out my bags, especially when I know it's going to be a hard day (usually I'll pick a brighter bag-- like teal Francine, or pink patent Ergo Satchel).
  11. The first thing I go by is what kind of bag do I need? Dressier, tough enough for the movie theater or ball park (can put on ground if need be), hands-free, big enough for lots of stuff? Then I will think about what goes with my clothing.
  12. Ditto here!:biggrin:
  13. I maybe the exception. I don't think I do rotate.

    I wear a bag for months at a time. Or, when the types of activities I am involved in changes daily, I switch from an everyday bag to a small vintage cross body bag. Or I'll miss my Legacy Hippie and get her out.

    The idea of rotation sounds more planned and I am definitely haphazard. Many of my bags don't see the light of day. Ut oh, does that mean I need to get rid of them? ;)
  14. I usually just try to match mine to my outfit, at least in general - no black bags with brown shoes.
  15. I'm pretty haphazard as well, I wear a bag until I start to feel tired of it, which can be weeks or months, or when there's a different bag I really want to carry. I don't match to my clothes, but I tend to pick bags that are neutral colors and go with pretty much everything I wear. If I'm out with the kids or going somewhere outdoors where my bag might get really dirty or manhandled, it has to be a diaper bag or larger, indestructible, usually non-Coach bag. Before I got into Coach, I used to carry the same bag for up to a year before I'd get tired of it and buy another, now I rotate much more often because I love my Coach bags so much.