Tell me about this Chloe style hobo please! (pics)

  1. I am still on my Chloe bag hunt!:wlae:

    What year is this bag from and what colors did it come in? I know this is the khaki color~ I need to know what other colors it came in.

    Any info would be so greatly appreciated!!!!!!:smile:
    DSCN4685-1.JPG DSCN4687.JPG DSCN4688.JPG
  2. I have this bag and love it...mine must be the medium size though. This one looks larger than mine. It's the North/South Soho Hobo. Mine is tan and came out in '05. HTH!
  3. Thank you deb!!!!!!!!! I love this bag!:love: I won't be able to find this anywhere right? It's probably long gone?
  4. I was fortunate enough to find a new one on eBay from lebagboutique. One of her consignors had purchased it last year, stored it away and never carried it. I absolutely love it...especially the single strap. It stays put and is very comfortable to carry since it molds to your side. I see them from time to time on eBay, so you might be able to nab one. I've seen them in chocolate and cream and black. If I see another one I'll let you know! Good luck!! :yes:
  5. Here'a a photo of Nicky H. carrying hers....
  6. i love this bag too zacorey and wish i had gotten it when it was still available which is part of the reason i didn't want to wait to buy the one i have now (i guess we have similar taste) :smile:

    yours is beautiful debsmith :heart:
  7. Hippie- that's the auction that made me crazy! I had the seller send me additional pictures of the bag on her shoulder and I posted them here!!! So these are the pictures of the khaki bag in the second auction you sent me! LOL. I'm not sure that I want that color though!???! I can't decide! I really do love green bags though.

    The first auction link you posted is such a great price~ but white scares me b/c I would be nervous of getting it dirty....but the price is sooooo great! I don't even know if it's authentic though.

    NYCmom & Hippie- I love the bag you guys have! I saw it in black today and it's so stunning! I'm so confused about what to do!:shrugs:

    deb- thank you for the celeb photo and all the helpful information!:flowers:

    Now I have to decide btwn these 2 bags!:confused1:
  8. Thank you nycmom! :idea:

    hippichic...the first one is the east/west hobo and the second one is like mine but larger. They both look authentic to me.
  9. Don't be afraid of the blanc!! It's an amazing color!!!! Truly my favoritest of all.
  10. ^^^it's not the size I want but I am too nervous to buy light color bags!

    Do you guys think the khaki bag looks really "dry"? It looks stiff and dry to me. Is there anything to make it softer looking?
  11. I looked at the listing again, and it really doesn't look dry to me....just very pebbly and wrinkled, which I love personally. My '05 is very soft too but definitely a smoother leather. That's a BIG bag!! A lot of Chloe to love! :love:
  12. I would get the Khaki in a heartbeat. I wear a ton of earth colors and it would go with everything.

    I'm like you, I'm afraid to get anything too light/white because I know I would never keep it clean. I bought an ivory Kooba last spring with gorgeous smooshy leather, and it's so ratty-looking now that I don't think I'll even get another season out of it.