Tell me about this Birkin look-alike.

  1. Hmmm, never heard of it. I guess it's a good option for someone who must have real croc and loves the Birkin style.
  2. I saw this auction on ebay. I asked the seller (just to see what she would say) if this was a Birkin. She reponded "Heck no, if this were a Birkin it'd be more than 20K" She mentioned that this was a real croc purse, and that that's what shes guarenteeing. I was to know that she was very honest.
  3. Even if I had 3k to throw around I would only want the real thing just because you would have to be defending it to everyone who asked if it were a real birkin. I just found it interesting. I guess you could purchase a real one and this one and carry this one on rainy days:lol: . Kind of like aristocrats who had copies made in paste of their real diamonds because those were kept in the safe and the replicas were worn.
  4. Me too, Bagpuss. For that money, I'd rather have another Trim or a Picotin.
  5. I have never heard of that brand SUTOR before. But, I have seen a few croc "BIRKINS" around. In my city, there are a few shops that carry croc purses and all of them have some that are birkin style, but w/o the stamp.

    I'm still a bit confuse regarding bags like these. Can those be called fakes? I mean, obviously they copied the style from Hermes. My mom bought one of these, but made from normal leather. It was the 35 size in camel color with gold hardware, w/o any stamping. She bought it long time ago before I got interested in Hermes. Now, I'm always teasing her about her "impostor birkin" :P
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this...if you like the bag and your love croc, why not? If you are hung up on the "name brand" and everything about Hermes, then you wouldn't even welcome the idea. There are plenty of bags made in Italy that are amazing...the leather work and would blow your mind. These people are serious crafts people in Italy...Florence pumps out beautiful things. It is all about what you want.

    I doubt this is illegal...would make for interesting research and new thread. I believe if Hermes has the actual Birkin design for themselves you would not see it (the design of the bag) at numerous high end boutiques that sell these fine leather and croc bags. I especially see them at highend Italian label boutiques near me. The bags are dreamy.
  7. Kellybag is right about Italy as a source of beautiful bags. The "birkin" that my mom bought is made in Italy, it's very nice, neat stiching and such, and nice leather. The price is not cheap either (altho don't compare it to real birkins), from what I remember, it was USD 500. She bought the bag in Melbourne in a shop that carry Italian made leather handbags and shoes.
  8. Well said, Kellybag. :amuse:
  9. Have anyone seen the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag?


    It totally looks like a Rip off of the Birkin...and it's $3,000!

  10. ^^^ Too much hardware for me! Rather put the $$$ towards a Kelly or a Birkin!
  11. Seen it and I can't get into it at all.
  12. Leather and silver don't look good with each other. Looks like a safe box.
  13. Isn't Lilo carry this one? I saw her pic at the celebrity section carrying one.
  14. I think my problem like Sarah's was how to catagorize these handbags- not really replicas or fakes or anything illegal. It struck me this morning that the catagory should be "Inspired by Hermes"...I do think the croc one is gorgeous but the RL misses the mark.:suspiciou