tell me about the promegranite

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  1. The color looks fabulous, I am wondering how the leather is and how the color is in real life. I have never had a Tano, but the sex bomb looks great and the price looks even better. :yahoo:I am not into patent leathers, so I was wondering if this color was very patent. Thank you in advance
  2. its not at all patent. Its more like a polished calf. The pomegranate is a true dark red. Its really TDF!
  3. Hey NicolesCloset! Welcome to Tano! The leather is not patent and if you don't treat it the shine goes away as you use it. It is soft leather and will get squishy. Also, the sexbomb will also becoming out as the "little red chavette" in a different leather "velvet leather" which will look a little differently if you were interested in that.

    Oh and I agree with tano expert... the pomegranate is soooooooooooooo gorgeous! Deep, no extra hues of other colors like orange or anything and it's BEAUTIFUL!
  4. thanks everyone for the welcome. I love that it is a deep red and not an over the top. Little Red Chavette in velvet leather!!! What is that ? Sounds great too. UGH!! Are there pics of that anywhere? If the patent goes away that is awesome. The color in the pics looks GORGEOUS!! But, I have had problems with pics and real life with some bags. I am going to search to see if I could find some modeling pics of the sex bomb. Can it be used as a shoulder bag too with no prob.
  5. I use my sexbomb as a shoulder bag! I'm not sure what velvet leather is exactly... it's brand new and none of us have had it yet. It will come in colors like saphire, emerald, amethyst, ruby, etc... they're more muted than say, pomegranate. Check out they have a great return policy and AMAZING customer service. Our other sellers we recommend on this forum are and Musthavebag does price matching though as long as it's the same color in stock (includes discounts!).

    Poke around, there's tons of info on this SF!
  6. Thanks Tyger!! I am on the prowl. The prices are great and great leather and price = my type of bag:yahoo:
  7. The pom is a great color - I bought a bag I totally hadn't planned on just to get that color. The SB is a favorite, but I really like the pom with the dark trim contrast of some of the other styles. You can't go wrong with that red.
  8. I just received my pomegranate sex bomb yesterday afternoon in the mail. The color is gorgeous. Slightly shiny but not patent. I took a picture next to my Chili Red Coach Carly. It is slightly darker than the Chili Red but not by much. I would consider it to be a blood red as opposed to a stop sign red. I will post the pics when I have access to my camera dock. The sex bomb looks beautiful in this color!
  9. I'll also post this in the Tano pics thread in case it get missed here. Here is a comparison shot of the pomegranate Sex Bomb with my Coach Carly in Chili Red. By the way, I've named my red sex bomb "Dita".

    I would say that these are pretty accurate pictures of the color, taken indoors with some natural light and a soft flash. Hope this helps those of you who are considering a pomegranate Tano!

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  10. ^^^ Very pretty pics, kmh!!! And Dita is the perfect name.
  11. ^^Your pictures are great and the bag is beautiful! Thanks.
  12. :drool:KMH thank you so much for those pics!! I am in love with the pom color
  13. kmh, those pics are great!! The pomegranate really is a gorgeous color! Wow!! I don't think I could pull it off, though, so I will just have to admire from afar. :smile:
  14. KMH....your comparison pics are terrific!!!! :tup:
  15. Thanks for the comparison SB is gorgeous!