Tell me about the "Polly" TDF!

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  1. Call me Johnny-Come-Lately... but yesterday I saw the MOST amazing Louis Vuitton bag in the window of the boutique. I literally stood there with my nose pressed against the window for 20 minutes.

    This morning I called the LV boutique and spoke with my favorite SA. He went on tell me it's the "Polly" (patent leather... not lepard) and it's $3,450!!
    :wtf: It is sooooooooooooo beautiful in person. Does anyone own it? Does anyone have pictures they can share? It's huge. I'm only 5'2". I asked if it came in a smaller size but the SA said it only comes in that one size.


    Let's discuss!!!!:upsidedown:
  2. the bag really is TDF. oh, off topic, does anyone know who are the models in this ad? the one with the hat looks likes the chinese actress for the miu miu F/W ad.
  3. The bag in the ad (on the left) is called Cathy. The leopard version is called Polly.:yes: Yes, it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!:love: Too bad it's HUGE and pricey!:sad:
  4. no, the asian model is du juan (the girl in the lv ad posted)
  5. gee, thanks people. this website is ruining my life. i just walked into the living room & told my husband that Louis vuitton has named a bag after me (cathy). i got no response.
  6. Ooohhhh... "Cathy"... got it!! Thanks ladies.

    It is huge (and expensive)...
  7. That's weird. The 1866 number calls it the embossed Polly.:shrugs:

    i was in the boutique today and they called it the same thing. But when I looked in the look book it said Cathy. Very confusing.

    Anyway this bag is beautiful. In fact the look of the embossed leether is to die for in person!!! MUCH MUCH better than in pics.

    Anyone on the fence I would encourage to go to the boutique to take a look. Those bag are gorgeous. I saw the stephen too and nealy passed out. I did NOT want to let go. :drool:

    They only had one of each bag available. Its supposedly very limited.
  8. omg. i looove this bag. its soo cute
  9. It truly is a beautiful bag, just way to big for us petite gals. I'm not fond of the price tag either.:yucky:
  10. Omg I just noticed this:nuts: So all this time people (well, atleast me :biggrin:) have been calling the regular embossed ones Polly´s and they are actually Cathy´s:P
  11. Big and expensive. Eye-catching though...
  12. anyone know the retail price on the leopard polly?
  13. sooooooo pretty though!!!
  14. California retail was $3,700 + tax
  15. beautiful bag - 3700.00 is kind of pricey for me