Tell me about the Neverfulls

  1. How do you like yours? Is the smaller one good for just regular use as a bag? Do you have problems with stuff falling out? Straps nice and sturdy?

  2. i just got my neverfull pm yesterday. i opted for the smallest size because the MM, seems to be as big as the BH which i already have. i plan to use the pm on days when i carry less than what i usually do. however, i ws surprised that notwithstanding its size, the pm can hold a lot, actually it can hold all my "must bring everyday" stuff like celphones, diary, wallet, small cosmetic case and a mini pochette for coins! no falling stuff so far...:tup:
  3. I have the Neverfull PM as well, I was on the waiting list for MM, but I found it too big, while I'm not short (unless 5'4" IS short...) I found it the same size as the BH (which i plan to get). The PM is cute AND it can hold all your things~!
  4. The Neverfull PM has turned into my every day bag, the only thing I miss is that it doesn't have a cellphone pocket inside.
  5. The PM is my everyday bag. I got a little over a month ago, and I absolutely love it. The PM was plenty big for me. I carry my wallet, keys with cles, Dooney makeup case, hairbrush, and cellphone in there. I still have a ton of room for other stuff. I oftentimes shove my shopping bags in there when I am at the mall. I also carry books and magazines in it. It's a real workhorse bag. The straps are skinny, but don't be fooled. They are strong. I have no doubt they could hold the 231 pounds as reported by eLuxury. Also, don't worry about your stuff falling out. I haven't had that happen either.
    I also love the fact the bag has no vachetta on the bottom. I don't have to worry about marking it up when I set it down. It's very maintenance free. Just wipe it down with a cloth.
    I love, love, love the lining. The stripes, fleurs, and "Articles de Voyage" design on the zipped pocket are so lovely. It's like eye candy everytime I open my bag!
  6. I got mine Neverfull MM 2 days after LV launched in Singapore and now 3 months waiting list...I am so fortune to get one first. MM is good for weekends and as a shopping tote, roomy....and sturdy as well.
  7. i got my neverfull GM i luv it to bits it can store alot of stuff in it.... i dump my sweater, book, waterbottle, umbrella, hp, wallet, keys, perfume, laptop, laptop adaptor, a pair of slipper omg it since like it not gonna be full:p:yes::tup::graucho:
  8. I think I want the MM eventually. There are too many bags I want fisrt though!
  9. i have the GM and i loveeeeeeeeeeee it!!
  10. Love my Neverfull MM!!

    It took me a while to decide whether I wanted to splurge on a $600+ bag or not, but I'm glad I did... it is the perfect size and style to carry everyday. I am a therapist so I work an irregular schedule... some days I'm at my office, some I'm running errands, some I'm out shopping or meeting a friend for lunch... and this bag definitely works for all those things!

    I really like the thinner straps... I have narrow shoulders and they give me no problems at all staying on or feeling comfortable. The bag is deep and roomy enough to hold everything I need (wallet, phone, keys, cosmetic kit, sunglass case, water bottle, files for work plus a sweater), and the sides cinch up a lot so even in the city, I'm not overly worried about people reaching in, or things falling out.

    Definitely a versatile bag... I'm so glad to have found something casual and comfy that still looks polished and professional!
  11. I love my Neverfull MM it is so handly.