Tell me about the Miss Print

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  1. Voodoo - I know you have one (or had one). I'm contemplating one....
    Pros, cons, how does the leather feel/smell/wear. I did a search but only found Voodoo's posts about hers in black, and I'd love more info before I take the plunge.

  2. Ummm....I took the plunge anyway. :rolleyes: I can return it if it's not for me. ;)

    Eek!! :smile:
  3. solid strategy :tup:
  4. ^^ :roflmfao: Thanks for validating me!!!
  5. Haha you didn't even wait for a response! Way to be a shopper!
  6. ^^ Thank you. Don't think my husband will be as thrilled with my shopping skills, but oh well. ;)
  7. ^^Husbands never are (at least mine isn't)!!
  8. Resistance is futile! :borg1:
  9. anytime! plus you waited like 40 minutes, which I'm sure was spent staring at the bag on your monitor so really when you think of it that way it was a pretty serious hold out you had going, haha.
  10. lolol oh i love this subforum, always puts a smile on my face!
  11. Oh geez... :P Yeah, sometimes my ability to wait is seriously lacking. Yes, those 40 minutes were spent googling the bag and looking at different images - oh, and yes, of course i was working!! I was at work, so I was working. :yes:
  12. lol, likely story ;)