Tell me about the Madison Embossed Croc Carryall...

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  1. please :biggrin: Style #14601. Is is really stiff? Are there a lot of problems with peeling or anything. It is kinda growing on me but I really know nothing of Coach croc leather. TIA!

    And does anyone have modeling pics? I did a search but there were no available pics.
  2. Omg...I could talk about these all day long! No, it is NOT stiff at all.

    Mod shots:

    If you get this bag, you will not regret it...It's one of my absolute favs...cannot live without them! LOL!
  3. No peeling worries (that I know of) no cracking, no problems! And they hold everything!
  4. Peony mod shot:

    Okay more....sorry I overloaded the thread. But I LOVE these bags!!
  5. What color is the lining?Is it pink?
  6. Soooo gorgeous!! Thank you for the pics, PickyCoachLover! I appreciate it! I love it! This may be the new bag for me....

    Has anyone seen them at the outlet lately, just curious? The closest is 3 hours away but I might be able to take a drive. Can't believe I never thought of getting a croc bag before.
  7. I am asking about the black one.
  8. That pink is so pretty but I am loving the black one! So classy!
  9. Just bought the bone/silver and although I haven't carried her "out" yet I'm in LOVE too! I scored mine at Chicago Premium Coach factory store. It's 30% OFF of $598 and then they applied the 20% OFF coupon. I got an addt'l 20% OFF because the tag was not attached and there was not dustbag. I realized later that it's also missing it's lg. nickel hangtag and the jewel charm. Mine has only the lg luggage tag. They come to right around $330 ish pre-tax if they are priced as above with 30% then 20% coupon.

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  10. ^^^The bone color can look lilac, blush or grey depending on the light!!! I've never been a huge fan of light colored bags but this one is such a chameleon with it's color I HAD 2 HAVE IT!!! They only had one that I know of.
  11. This is the pink croc carryall. The image isn't clear but you get an idea.


  12. PCL----I am COVETING your peony croc carryall!!! OMG I love it. It is fantastic. I've not been tempted by a croc bag until now; that is gorgeous and I know they're no longer available :sad:
  13. The black has lavender lining (I know, I know...but it WORKS on this bag) and the Peony has pink lining.

    Maes, I always love your pictures of you and your was one of the factors that made me kinda want one at first! LOL!

    Now I am obsessed!

    Emily: Keep an eye on on ebay for one...or better yet Bonz. There is still a Peony Maggie on there, but no carryall as of yet.
  14. I on the other hand have not had much luck with croc bags, I LOVED my pink croc maggie to death but it cracked on me! So I had to return it! Since then I have been afraid of croc bags although I am loving the Sophia Toffee Croc at the moment :sad:

    I do love all the carry-all on you ladies though!