Tell me about the Hayden-Harnett Ana Frame Bag!

  1. I'm once again thinking about another bag. If you have an H-H Ana Frame bag, give me your review! Would you call it big?
  2. I love mine. It's not really that big. The smaller opening and the flatness of it make it a lot smaller than you would think.
  3. Purchased one for my Mom, she loves it.. It is not that large and very light.
  4. I have one too and I also love mine. It can hold a fair amount of stuff but I would not call it a large bag. It does have a smaller opening that many bags and longer or deeper interior in comparison to its width. It doesn't bother me, but it does some people. And it limits the bag's use to a purse vs. a tote or workbag. You couldn't fit file folders in there, for instance. But mine has gorgeous leather and a unique and classy, hip yet ladylike, shape. It's one of the bags that I get the most (admiring) comments on.
  5. I have one in tweed and it's a nice fall bag. I was surprised at how much smaller it is than I thought. The bottom is a lot wider than the opening so it will hold a lot. There's also a big slit back pocket and a fron pocket for easy to reach essentials. It's an alright bag, unique shape.
  6. I had one, but ended up returning it (not because I didn't like it, but I bought it at century 21-discount store-and there was a large black line across the back..and there was only one bag). Anyway, I think it's a great size and you can find them for very resonable prices. The leather is gorgeous and buttery. The size is great...large enough to fit everything you need, but not to the point where it overpowers you. I'm thinking about repurchasing one, but we'll see what I do with a ton of lemmings:smile:
  7. I have two-- one in tweed and one in Olive leather. I've never used the tweed one, so I'm basing my opinion on carrying the leather one... I'd say it's a medium bag. The opening on top is pretty narrow and the bag is very flat, but it's wide at the bottom. It sits nicely on the shoulder and the drop is a good length. But the wide bottom part sticks out and I bump into things when I wear it. IDK it's one of those bags that I loved at first, but it tends to evoke strong reactions from people-- they either love it or hate it. I'm kind of liking it less and less lately :hrmm:
  8. I had one but ended up returning it because I didn't like the way the bag hung on me..also the opening is pretty small.
  9. I would also agree that it's a purse vs. a work bag. It has a smaller opening, and is wider at the bottom, so purse organizers don't really work in it, and it's a flat bag, so you can't really load it up. If you don't have tons to carry, it's great. I have the chocolate one, and I love the leather, love how it fits on my shoulder and just love the bag!

    I got it during the summer sale, not sure what it retails for, but for $100 and change, it was so worth it!
  10. The leather is great but the bag was just too small for me.
  11. I am an Ana lover. I have her in three colors (black, chocolate and saddle) and use her daily. I think that the Ana is a perfect medium bag with a somewhat funky look. Everytime I reach for something, it is exactly where I need for it to be. The front pocket is for my cell phone; the back pocket, for keys or a file folder: the inside pockets are high enough to hold the rest of my necessities handy (wallet, lipstick, cigs); while the bottom comfortably holds nearly everything else, including a water bottle. The straps fit comfortably over the shoulder, but the Ana also rocks on the elbow or in hand. I am 5-1 and the Ana is a perfect size, large (for me) without being overwhelming. The leather is tdf, and the linings are cute and unique to each bag color.
  12. Ohhh, I'm envious. I wish I could find one in tweed. That's the one that really caught my eye! It's so unique.
  13. ^^

    I've never used mine and it's brand new. Pm me if you are interested :smile:
  14. ^^
    Mine's the actual tweed not the herringbone