Tell me about the Garden Party

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  1. Do you own it, love it, hate it, think the money is better put towards something else? Also, what's up with them for sale on I know this had come up in the past but can't find the thread. Bluefly concerns me sometimes as I've heard of a few nightmares but I'm always VERY surprised to see Hermes on there, what does everyone think of that. Plus, I'm seeing GP's for $1,400 and $1,500, is that far off regular retail (leather and canvas):confused1:
  2. Ok, so since no one told me anything about it, I checked it out again today, it's cute, but didn't grab me enough to inquire more about it....... I think I want an H belt at the momemt and saw another cute little something I think I could use as a little clutch but still thinking about it.....
  3. Lola, have you seen the all leather GPs?? They are beautiful bags. So soft and luxurious.
  4. I was in a rush today, just running in while on the road for work, AND the store was re-merchandising....I grabbed a material with leather trim that didn't thrill me, have to check out again...
  5. ^^ok I will! thanks!
  6. Lola just saw this post, and the Garden Partys are ADORABLE and very fun! They are great to dress up with scarves, twillys and keychains or just worn au natural as a fun tote. A lot of people here like the Imperial Reds or the green.

    I purchased a GP from Bluefly and it was authentic. Just an FYI.
  7. Cool, thanks! I have a couple Chanel bags I REALLY want right now but am thinking at some point I may want a Garden Party.....Good to know about bluefly! amamxr's is beautiful and I LOVE it with the orange wallet hope she kept that.
  8. i saw them in the store this week and they're gorgeous! they had a red almost a corduroy with black. stunning! the fabric and leather ones are tdf.
  9. does anybody know what the different sizes are?
  10. It's so funny, I'm looking through some old coach bags of mine that I want to sell and I have one that is VERY similar in style to the garden party, no wonder I think it's cute. Does anyone know what the retail is around?? Still not 100% sure what route I want to go, I think I'm going to check them out better next time I go to Hawaii because I'm usually allowed to get something there........really want an H belt and those Chanel bags that have been on my list first.....
  11. Hi Lola, my GP is the one in toile canvas/leather combo (size W36cm x H24cm x D17cm), it retails for ~US$1,500 from H store. HTH! :smile:

  12. I really like my GPT....but I use it as a "utility" bag for my knitting! :smile: