Tell me about the Folk ...

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  1. I've just been looking at the Folk and came across a chestnut Arena which looks very similar. Are there any differences between the two?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. I've just been wondering the same thing! Hoping for an answer ...
  3. We haven't seen or heard much of the folk here on tpf. If you've got one or you've seen one, please tell me what you think. Do you love it? Is it a comfortable cross-body bag? Does it slouch nicely? Please share your experiences and your pictures too, if you have some ... :smile:
  4. Another question: does it feel bulky? It's a wide bag and the flap adds another layer of leather ...

    I am curious about this style.
  5. I'm curious about it too. From what I've seen it doesn't seem to be too comfortable cross-body as it rides too high. Would love to hear from those who own one.
  6. I was eyeing the BDR one Erica had myself but it looks like someone scooped it up. I really like the way this blue roi looks in these pics from lovebbags blog. Of course Brenda Song is very petite so it hangs lower on her, but I love the slouchy look of it.

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  7. I saw two, one in Seigle and Murier in NM. Both were nice. They don't really slouch at first, but I can see how it'd start to sag after you put your stuff in it and wear it around. The bag is not structured (like the Club) at all. The leather on the Folk is just leather and lining, plus there are no "corners" of which the City and PTs have, so eventually it will begin to sag. It's a round looking bag.

    I like it, but I don't love it b/c of the way the front looks. I know that bal put the standard stud combination on the front, but for some reason it looks really weird to me. The front zipper looks too low?

    The strap is adjustable, but its only the kind of 'adjustable' that has that moving metal piece, I don't think its adjustable by 'holes.' I prefer adjustable by 'holes' b/c then you wouldn't have to worry about the strap moving from where you like it. I don't think it would ride too high when worn crossbody either, I think the strap can be adjusted pretty long.

    For me, its the perfect size, it can hold everything my City can hold, maybe a hair less, without looking bulky. Plus the price on them is pretty reasonable, I believe its $1095 retail? But you're taller than me dear Drati.
  8. I own a Bal Folk in Castagna and I absolutely love it. I love the way it hangs/is slung on the side of my body giving it a real downtown vibe. It is a very comfortable bag and it slouches ever so gently.
    I love Flap bags (Mulberry Alexa, Coach Ali, Kooba Annie) so this bag just spoke to me and I had to have her. I love looking in my bag and being able to access anything in it because it is a flap.The Bal Folk is my favorite Bal bag and I could see owning another of this versatile style. I will post some pictures in this thread on the weekend when the weather clears up in NY.
  9. Thanks so much for the helpful responses and photos. There haven't been many modelling pics so it's nice to see it in action. It does slouch indeed!

    Rere, I agree that the zipper looks almost too close to the buckle details, like they've squashed it together. That's a reservation I have about it too. But a lot about it seems perfect, as you say.

    Liz, thanks, nice to hear how much you are enjoying your folk. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
  10. Liz, have you had any issues of the strap moving from where you like it (because there's no holes for adjustment, only pressure on the strap holding it in place as Rere mentioned). Thanks.

    Also, would the strap be long enough to wear the bag cross body? I'm 5'9" and wouldn't want the bag to sit too high on me when worn cross-body.
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    Drati: the strap does not move, once adjusted with the buckle it stays in place.
    The strap is long enough to wear the bag cross body. I will post some pictures tomorrow in the am so you can get an idea of how the bag looks when worn.
  12. Thank you Liz, I'd love to see some pictures.
  13. Here are the pictures of my folk bag Castagna. As you can see I can fit alot in it including my ipad. I don't believe it will fit a notebook computer.
    The size is perfect for me. The leather on this is so smooshy and soft.
    I love browns so this color was perfect for me. I would love another in blue roi or anthracite.

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  14. WOW this looks fabulous on you! Great color and leather - congrats!! :tup:
  15. Oh wow, I really love this style in Castagna! It's beautiful and you wear it very well.