Tell me about the epi speedy

  1. I have a mono speedy 30 and looking on eluxury and see a silver/red one. I think I would like a red one!!!:P So convince me that I need to buy this one !!!!
  2. I'll try......I don't own one, but they did actually come down in price on Nov. 1, and I've been very tempted to get the red, also. They look so nice and a little bit more dressy than our mono speedies. I've hesitated to go try one on because I know I'll get it. do you live close enough to see it IRL? Oh, heck. Just go get it and let me live vicariously through you!!:yes:
  3. i don't have this bag either but it is a gorgeous bag, IMO. this is the next bag on my list. the speedy shape is so iconic and the epi leather just makes this bag even classier and elegant. and can be worn casual too. this bag is simply stunning! go for it!
  4. i don't have this bag but it's definitely on my list! i love how gorgeous and elegant it looks, especially in black and red, in my opinion!
  5. love it in red
  6. My first Speedy was a mono 30. My second Speedy was a red epi 25 with silver (titanium) hardware. I've only used my mono Speedy twice. My epi Speedy is my favorite. I say you MUST have an epi red Speedy!;)
  7. The thing with the new epi leather since it is the leather is thinner (to be lighter) the leather wrinkles. :sad:
  8. They did lower the price on Nov 1st, so now is a great time to get one. I have two epi speedies (both 25s) and I LOVE them, such a great classic bag, and you can use them in bad weather. I will tell you that the epi speedies are larger than the monogram ones. A monogram 25 would be too small for me, but a epi 25 is perfect. The epi 25 measures 27.5cm and I believe the epi 30 measures more like 34cm? Keep that in mind when deciding!
  9. I have the black epi speedy 30 and I LOVE IT!!

    It is so nice bc it does not scream "LV"...great when you want something alittle more classy and understated:smile:

    GET IT!!!!
  10. I have the Epi Speedy 25 in Myrtille --- gorgeous bag, gorgeous color. The bag wasn't on my list, but when the SA at NM showed it to me last week, I just gasped. I was concerned that it wouldn't be big enough to put all my stuff in, but it does have a lot of room. I then purchased a matching PTI wallet --- so I'm set! The red Epi Speedy 30 looks extremely appealing, too! Gosh --- this LV addiction never ends, does it?
  11. The red epi is TDF!!!!! Get it!!!