Tell me about the differences between the Step & the Brief

  1. Hi,
    I am still unfamiliar with b bags so bear with my stupid questions.
    I notice there is not much photos references in the style reference section for both styles.

    1. So, are these two relatively new styles?

    I saw the brief IRL with Giant HW and I guess i saw the step style as well.

    2. Do u experts consider Step is a smaller version of the brief??

    3. Anyone has a bodyshot with the brief??

    4. How come I saw the brief with Giant HW is around $1595, while in the reference thread, ppl mentioned that is $1195?? Is there a price increase?

  2. oh the $1195 must be the regular/classic hardware version... the giant is $1595... for photos, check in the reference section of visual aids...

    I consider the step as a smaller version of the brief... but others think its a marriage between the purse style (discontinued last year) and the brief... then some think its a smaller version of the RTT.... sorry dont mean to confuse you!

    the brief came out in S/S 07 and the step came out in A/W07 season... someone correct me if I'm wrong!

  3. Thank you for ur detailed answers, addicted ali. Really appreciate it.
  4. Just a side note.... I am such a sucker for anything that is bbag, but I just do not like the brief. The style is beautiful, but it is not very practical when using it. The opening of the bag is relatively smaller to its body, so when you open it and start fishing for your stuff, it is really very difficult. The black lining does not help either. I have been put in a situation that I actually panicked for a few seconds cause I thought I lost my cellphone or wallet.
  5. Are Step RH $1165 and Brief RH $1195? thanks.
  6. Im a newbie so any help you can give would be great! Can you tell me about pro's con's about the Step & Brief? Whats easier to wear on your shoulder? Which do you like better? TIA
  7. I've considered both bags in the past, and tried them on irl- and i prefer the brief.

    Brief is a larger bag- it can hold a lot but has no base, that's why it looks a little flat sometimes. It can be worn comfortably on the shoulder depending on size of arms, and would lay flat against your body.

    Step is like a city without the 2 top corners, and it has a base. This makes it feel more comfortable as a hand-held bag.. i couldn't get it to fit on my shoulder!

    both are lovely, but my next bag will be a brief!
  8. Thanks DRSM...anyone else have comments?
  9. I personally like the step better. I think the overall look of it is a classier; it doesn't fall apart when you set it down or lose its shape when you are carrying it. Look at the pictures of the two in the bal reference section! HTH!
  10. I love the size of the brief and the way it looks but I had issues with the opening. I'm probably in the minority but I like the rabbit ears and the zipper on the brief doesn't have them, so it seems harder to get (bigger) things in and out.
  11. I love the Brief - it's proportions can compare to the Work (it's a pretty big bag) but because of the shape, I find it less overwhelming. I have no problem with the opening (it's 11 1/2 inches across on top) and I actually like that it doesn't have rabbit ears.

    I've only looked at The Step briefly once - I think it's a great, classic looking hand-held bag (I didn't try to get it over my shoulder) and I hope to get one at some point. However, it can probably hold as much or slightly less than a City (depends on what you carry).

    Although they look the same, I think the decision of which to get depends on how much you carry. The Step is a more average-sized bag than the Brief. I think if you choose the Brief you have to be comfortable carrying a big bag.
  12. I'm glad you asked the question Rica. I was thinking the same thing. I fell in love with the Violet Step. But then I started researching more and it seems the brief might be a better size. I wish I can try on both so I can decide!!
  13. Considering in buying either. Which is bigger and by how much? Or any side by side pics.

  14. This question has been asked before. The search feature is a fabulous tool. Use this thread and this thread for the answer to the question.