tell me about the Chloe Paddy hobo?

  1. Over the summer I fell in love with LV, but realized that for the fall I really want yummy, smooshy leather. I've been looking for a good leather shoulder bag to take to work, and thought the Paddy hobo might be a good choice. Help a newbie out...if you have one of these, can you tell me what you love or don't love about it? TIA!
  2. I meant to add...if you have a suggestion other than the Paddy hobo, please don't be afraid to speak up!
  3. I am really in love with the two handle experience these days. A single strap just
    feels wrong to me now :s

    I adore my paddies with their two straps :tender:
  4. hmwe46, do you mean 2-strap handheld bags, or shoulder bags? I'm leery of 2-strap shoulder bags because it seems like one of the straps is always slipping off my shoulder. I do love my 2-handle handheld bags though...
  5. Hee! Good question!

    I guess I mean both. I wear my paddy on shoulder most, but hold sometimes too.
    Never had any trouble with both handles staying on, but I have boney shoulders so
    maybe that helps! :shame: LOL

    I briefly had the Chloe Ascot hobo and the single stap on that was way too long for
    over one shoulder, and I felt like I was back in college when I wore it across my
    body ;)
  6. Ditto that, I'm growing to like two handles bags better. However there are some single strap bags that I love too. The paddington hobo is really nice but I prefer the classic style more. :yes:
  7. I wear my paddy the same way and never had any problems with it. :heart:

    Oyy I hate wearing bags across my body! Thats why I usually wear my coffer on my shoulder using the braided strap.
  8. I've just spent 3 days in nyc during fashion week and it looks like everyone is carrying a shoulder bag hobo stye. I have the chloe hobo and I love it. it is easy to stay organized because of the 4 separate compartments and the main one is open but the rest zip. the main one also closes flap style over itself so people can't look into your bag. it is my perfect bag right now and the one I seem to carry more than the others. (I have 3 regular paddies and 3 bettys)
  9. 4 separate compartments? OK, I'm officially in love now...:love:
  10. I love the length of the shoulder strap for the hobo and how there's only one of it compared to the standard paddington. The strap makes it easier to access inside the bag without havin to remove it from my shoulder. I also like how spacious the side pockets are and again, i can just dip my hand into the side pockets and get what i want without sliding the bag off my shoulder.

    Compared to the standard paddington i also find that the hobo sits a lot more confortably under my arm when being carried on my shoulder.
  11. I love my paddington hobo. It is easy to stay organized with all the pockets and it isn't so huge that you lose things in the bottom. You can adjust the shoulder strap some on the side with the little buckles so you do have some options there for length.
  12. Is this the Paddington Hobo? I saw it in this orange color in a boutique window in Los Angeles. The maniquin was wearing all black, this orange Chloe and an orange cashmere wrap. I WANTED IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE... but the store was closed!! I'm going back for that bag and wrap.


    Is this the hobo? The asking price is $1,585, correct?
  13. there were a couple of hobo versions and that style is new for this season, some stores call it the hobo, some the shoulder strap paddington... aloharag has the orange online and you can also check it out in chocolate in a thread by nwpurselover. hippiechic and i just bought them too...mine arrived yesterday and i love it!
  14. So far we are batting three for three in the Chocolate hobo/shoulder strap. The leather is divine on the the bags!
    Kissthis, I saw an orange in person and I could not believe how beautiful the color is and I am not an orange lovin person!
  15. NWpurselover, it's all due to your inspiration! I couldn't be happier with my shoulder bag (unless they could magically make it weightless) -- the leather truly is amazing. Thank you! :flowers: