Tell me about the cerf tote

  1. I have been longing for a chocolate bag with gold hardware that is a bit understated. (Yes, me, understated!!)
    I've never really considered the cerf tote so I have never looked at it closely at the boutique. Is there a size that the double handles go over the shoulder? Do they make it in a chocolate brown with ghw?
    thanks sweet gals!:heart:
  2. i thik the length of the sstrap is about the same as on a medallion tote, i've tried both of them on at separate occassion, and if i remember correctly, they fit more or less the same. if you're small framed, it should fit comfortbly over your shoulder.
    i think it's a beautiful bag, it comes w/ a detachable pouch in the middle, the one with the cc logo comes in gold, and the chocolate of this bag, is a very nice rich chocolate.
  3. i have this bag. i will post pics in a few.
  4. ^^thanks so much!! can't wait to see pix!
  5. here you go. it is a great, understated bag. there is a strap you can attach to it as well as a puch. let me know if you want to see pics of those.
    cerftote 001 (Small).jpg cerftote 003 (Small).jpg cerftote 004 (Small).jpg
  6. I just got my cerf tote last night! I am in love with it :woohoo: Same as you, I wanted a nice understated bag, esp. for travel. (Mine is black, though) I am tall (5'8") and broad shouldered but I can still put it over my shoulder. I think I'll have it forever :heart:
  7. That is lovely!
  8. Love it!! Could someone post pix with it carried on the shoulder?
  9. great tote :smile:
    Love the pics
  10. I've seen pics of you on other posts. I'm taller than you and NO WAY a size 2. It fits over my shoulder beautifully in either the small or the larger size. I was toying with buying one when I was shopping two weeks ago but decided it just didn't say CHANEL like I was looking for at the time. It's a great bag though. Nice and roomy, moderately smooshy leather and very tailored look.

    PS note: Only the large Cerf has the clip on shoulder strap.
  11. I have the black one with gold cc's and it's an awesome bag - I would definitely recommend it. It doesn't fit comfortably over a coat or suit jacket though. FYI I'm 5'6" and a size 2 for your reference.
  12. Rockerchic, the cerf comes in chocolate brown with ghw and a detachable shoulder strap. It's a great looking bag, especially if you're ok with it getting a bit slouchy. Cavair is fairly durable, too.

    If you've got the $$$$ to spend 3-1/2 times more, then you might consider a 35cm Hermes Birkin that will stand up to lots and lots of use and just keep looking more and more fabulous.
  13. thanks everyone for the great advice.
    Mill, I love the 35 birkin but it isn't comfortable on the shoulder and I really want a bag that I can use both handheld and on the shoulder...
  14. Just got it in white. Both sizes fit over the shoulders as long as you are not wearing a heavy coat.
  15. does the white one come with Gold CC's also?? or just in the Silver turnlock?