Tell me about the Century 21 store please.

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  1. I might be going to the Century 21 store in Paramus tomorrow but I've never been and want to know more about it befor I drive all the way up there. What brands of bags/shoes do they sell, etc?

    Is everything authentic? I makes me a little nervous that on their website they won't list any names of the designers they sell?!!? :shrugs: I saw this quote...

    "Because of our exceptional discount prices we're not allowed to name the Designer Labels and Famous Brands" says Century 21 Department Store Executive VP of Operations Jeff Jasner, "but you'll recognize them instantly."
  2. Enlighten me, too. I have always wondered what went on there. I've never been in one, but I do see them a lot and the first thing that comes to my mind is the realtor. Are they like a TJ Maxx?
  3. Century 21 is like Loehmann's- they have everything from women's clothing to household goods, and you'll find markdowns on designer clothing, etc. It's mostly upscale stuff at a steep discount.

    Here's a blurb on it:

    about this store [​IMG]Surviving the World Trade Center attack, "New York's Best Kept Secret," Century 21 is the department store where you can find some of the best bargains in the city with 15 departments of top quality and designer merchandise at 40% to 70% off retail prices!
    You'll not just find the finest selection of European and American Designer Men's, Ladies', and Children's Clothing but Century 21 also carries accessories, cosmetics, handbags, lingerie and shoes plus house wares, linens, luggage, gifts and electronics

    Century 21 Department Stores - New York City Store - Discount Designer Clothing and Accessories
  4. I am from NY, we have 2 Century's here.....
    It's one of my favorite stores....they will not list the designers like many other discounted/outlet like stores...their stuff is not only authentic but they carry some serious couture as well....
    They have everything but the kitchen not miss an opportunity to shop there, it's like heaven for a bargain shopper!!
  5. Yes, it is authentic. Great store.. hard to deal with at peak hours/weekends/etc. I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn so it's a walk down the block for me. It's a wonderful place to find great deals. You just have to be fast and have a bit of luck as well.
  6. I got to go to one in NYC a few years ago and it was great. Unfortunately I was somewhat rushed for time but they had all kinds of designers and tons of shoes and everything really. What I hated was you could only take a certain # of things in the dressing room AND it was very crowded AND it was not private! You basically had to try on clothing in a big room with other people doing the same. Really embarassing if you pick up some jeans that are too small. Great store though otherwise. I want to go back so badly but I haven't been back to NY.
  7. I live 5 mins from the Paramus store. Its a pretty nice store. I've been to the NYC one once and I hated it, too crowded and just disorganized. I was so happy they opened up one nearby. Everything is authentic, but there may be some 'seconds' and this will be noted on the tag (at least I think it usually is). I was looking at some Joe's jeans and they said they were irregulars or something like that. They carry all the jeans, 7's, R&R, TR's etc. I haven't seen any 'designer' bags there, like no coach or anything like that.
  8. Hi Satchel,

    I've been to this store in downtown NYC. It's amazing! It's about 75% more upscale than Loehmann's, so don't be fooled. You have to 1) really dig or 2) go all the time, because they have tons of stuff and if you're looking for something specific, they get new deliveries every day. They have fabulous shoes and also very high end stuff like Commes de Garcons, D&G, Chanel, Gucci, etc. and it's always 50-75% off retail prices. I only get there once in a while but I am never disappointed.
  9. 75% more upscale than Loehmanns .. sweet. what are the locations in nyc...I live in fl.
  10. There is one down near Wall Street around the corner from Ground Zero. I think the subway stop is called Fulton Street. Broadway is the main street that goes through there, and it's one block off Broadway.

    There is another one on Long Island which I've never been to, which is supposed to be very good also, but you'd have to look it up on the web. Try google.

    Have fun!
  11. I've only been to the Century 21 in New York (the one around Ground Zero) once. I was in a hurry, and it was reallllly crowded. I didn't get to look very much. :sad:
  12. 3 in NY (I said 2 earlier)
    One in NYC - near Wall Street in the Financial Center
    2nd in Brooklyn NY - Bay Ridge on 86 street
    3rd in Westbury Long Island on Old Country Road......
    Definitely worth going!!
    BTW- they do carry designer bags too!
  13. Yes, they're authentic. I loveeee C21! They have the best jeans! :yahoo:
  14. I'm from ny as well. Everything is authentic! Good luck!
  15. I went to the NY one last year when I was in the states and it was amazing!! I got a great Vivienne Westwood jacket for 50% off and I know it was genuine as I saw exactly the same ones on sale over here in the UK. Plus a Marc Jacobs silk skirt that I am wearing today and have spilt coffee all down - clumsy!!

    I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was unbearably crowded so I went back early Tuesday morning and it was so much better - just time your visit well. My SO got Timberlands for about 60% of the price here in the UK so even he was happy! I Loved it - if only we had one in the UK!! You girls are so lucky.