Tell me about the Belem MM

  1. Does anyone have it? Love it, hate it? Comfortable on the shoulder or not? And what about the size?? I have a speedy 30, would it hold the same amount?? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. After going back through the boards, and trying to find info, I still haven't found any info/pictures or anyone who has this it a very unpopular bag for a reason? Thanks again, ya'll are awesome!!!
  3. I tried on the Belem MM in the store . . . I love the shape -- so cute, so unique! -- and all the different organizational compartments, which is something lots of LVs lack. It is great as a handbag or to carry in the crook of your elbow. However, the roundness of it makes it difficult to carry comfortably as a shoulder bag, even though the straps are long enough to carry it that way. I have also heard people say that it is expensive for its size (I don't know the price offhand). It does seem like a fairly complicated bag which might explain the price.
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