Tell me about the Balenciaga Bowling Bags from 2006

  1. Hi,

    does anyone know what a bowling bbag looks like or does anyone have pictures??

  2. Here ya go...scroll down they are towards the bottom. At the top of the page on the lefthand side, there are lots of things to check out. My favorites are the swatch colors by season, and the motorcylce style guide. It's the encyclopedia for Balenciaga bags. I also thought I saw a white mini bowling on eBay, and there was a picture of the seller holding it.
  3. Please note that there are 2 sizes. I have the bigger one and I really like it. The handles are long enough to put over your shoulder.
  4. The Bowling is such a fabulous style!!

    A Black Bowling is next up on my list once I'm off my purse ban!!! I just hope they have one in the most yummy leather then. I was so disappointed when I had to pass up on one cos of the leather :crybaby:

    Just wondering, but how often do you use your Bowling?
  5. I have a mini-bowling and it is my "go-to" bag!! I love it for daily use!! It is the color & style for me, they are both very functional. :yes:

    Also, I can easily fit the handles of the mini-bowling on my shoulder, and I'm not exactly teenie... probably about average to slightly above, but with very broad shoulders, and the handles haven't been an issue - in fact that is one of the reasons why I :heart: it!
    BlueberryBowling1.jpg Inside Blueberry.jpg
  6. [​IMG]


    Bag4bubbles - Love to see ur bowling bag...she is gorgeous.....:nuts: :nuts:
  7. Here's me with my blueberry bowler. I love it! :p

  8. Ladies can you share your experience with bowling bag?
    I've never seen it IRL so I have no idea how it fits over the shoulder..
    can someone show me picture of wearing it..Thank you;)
  9. I think there was a recent thread on the Mini Bowling, with photos of people wearing it over the shoulder. So the Bowling would be like that, but bigger.

    Unfortunately, this is one bag I don't have yet, so I can't share a photo.
  10. I just got a mini bowling, although I can't pick it up until Friday, so I don't have pictures. The handles fit over my shoulder really well - better than my Twiggy and City. The top zips open really wide too, so I think it will be easy to find things in it. The handles on the full size bowling were about the same as the mini.
  11. Thank you ladies..I saw the thread right after I posted mine...:sweatdrop:
  12. I picked up mine today and can't wait to use it. Will post pics later. So sad though, an SA said they were presaling the white and let it go to someone else. Serves me right for not using my own SA in this case. She was off and I couldn't wait. Boo Hoo If anyone sees a white mini bowling at NM please pm me. Thanks!
  13. Mine will be shipped tomorrow! Can't wait!:yahoo:
    Z&J, sorry to hear about the white! As least you have the lovely Grenat!
  14. I love bowling so much I got a red and blueberry. The link Illini posted shows a photo a a TPFer carrying the bowling over her shoulder and it shows that it is easier to carry over the shoulder than the city. The bowling handles do not slide off my shoulder and since it is also flat, it is quite unobtrussive when you carry it around. Hope this info helps.