Tell me about Swift...

  1. Does anyone have info about Swift leather? I saw it yesterday at Hermès and was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of it (really soft..) I was wondering if it's delicate or not, heavy, durable ? Any info is greatly appreciated girls...TIA:flowers:
  2. poohbearpooh has an orange Kelly in swift.
  3. Duna- I have a 35cm black kelly in Swift. Its is beautiful, soft and yes slightly delicate.

    Not as delicate as Box but you need to be careful with rough surfaces as it can scratch. I do think that these scratches can be buffed out pretty easily. Anyone know which is the best product to use?
  4. Duna, Veau Swift is the replacement for the retired leather, Veau Gulliver. They are essentially the same except Hermes wanted to modify it by creating a more delicate texture to the leather.
  5. Yes, just got mine about a week and has yet to take her out! I love it! As Luxchic said, beautiful, soft, smooth, & light (IMO)! One of my fav leather (Box, Chevre,Swift, Ligee)..I like smooth to less grain leathers!! :biggrin:
  6. Yes, that's what I thought when I saw it, I used to have a Bolide in Gulliver, and it looked much the same...I just hope it looks nice on a Birkin, as it's a bigger surface than a Kelly or the Bolide 1923 I saw...Thanks Twigz for the info...!;)
  7. Thanks to all you girls for your help...!!:yes: I think it will look nice on a Birkin...:heart: