Tell me about Swift??

  1. Read about Swift leather in the Hermes Leather Groupie list.
    But, I was hoping if someone owned it they could tell me a little more about how it wears.
    One thing I'm wondering if it's Slouchy like Clemence?
    Does it hold it shape?
    How does it compare to Chevre?
  2. giselle07, I have a swift birkin 35 & I find that she holds her shape quite well when full, is semi-slouchy empty, I always return her to the box & stuff her with the air-pillow when not in use. She can be spa-ed as good as new too!If I put her next to a chevre 35, the chevre stands straighter & taller....HTH
  3. I have swift birkin 35. It feels like butter. It can be very slouchy or hold shape.
    When I want more shape I just put a purse organizer in it or put the straps over the turn key. If I was a more casual floppy look, I use her with nothing. It is heavier than chevre
  4. Thanks medusa & FleurDeLis -
    Your input is very helpful!:smile:
  5. you could also try a search in the main hermes sub, I think there have been discussions of swift there as well. Good luck!!!