Tell me about Mini Lin!

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  1. I just keep changing my mind!

    I just recently ordered a damier Speedy 25 (which STILL hasn't come in, I'm ready to go postal on USPS) but now I'm seeing the Mini Lin and going :drool:

    It has the logo's all over it, which I love, but NO VACHETTA LEATHER in the ebene, which is by far my favorite color (I'd get Dune dirty too easy)!

    I'm going to see how the 25 works, and if I don't like the size it's going back and I'm going to save for the mini lin, I think-- but what do you guys think? Which is better: Mini Lin or Damier?

    Do you have a mini lin speedy 30? What can you tell me about it? Is the mini lin actual canvas like the mono, or is it different? What color is the lining?

    I wanna know everything about mini lin! And pictures would be FABULOUS!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Yeah, I just saw that one... mods, can you merge or close this?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.