Tell me about magenta?

Decophile got it right - it is definitely a loud color, but in a really rich and intense way. Too me, it is not pink - really more purple. This is my favorite color !

gorgeous collection, seahorseinstripes! :drool:
For me, I consider Magenta a normal, vibrant color.. but I'm a loud person myself, I'm often told the Magenta is kinda "out there" ;) However, it is BY FAR the color I get the most compliments on, from total strangers.

I think these pics really capture the color:





I :heart: :heart: :heart: MAGENTA!!

Deana also has gorgeous pics of her Magenta box that captures the true color really well.
Thanks!!! soooo much for all the pics!! Beverly you have such nice magenta bags as well.

So does anyone else feel that it is more on the purple side than pink? When I look at the pics I see a pink purpley bag. but maimly pink.

I tend to be drawn to loud colors. I have sort of been pulled toward the magenta since the begining but scared of it a bit as well.
meemie: don't get me wrong - it is not close to eggplant at all; but I just looked at my bags closely for you and they look much more purple than the ones in the pics above.

If you like loud colors, I truly think you cannot go wrong. The bbag leather looks so great in this color!
I like purple as well but I would hope that the magenta would still look more of a pink hue than a purple one. I love the eggplant color as well!! I would love to see bal make a true med pink (bright and darker than the bubblegum) and a medium lilac with a pinky hue to it.
meemie, magenta is fabulous! :smile: i have a magenta WE and break it out when i need to be cheered up. you cant help but be happy with magenta around. it looks great in the shoulder size too!:love: my magenta is more hot pink than loud purple. i have seen some really purple-y new magentas and a some more pink than purple ones. so, i think the color varies a little.
I like magenta, but my rule with loud colours is that the bag should be small. ie, the first, clutch or the shoulder.

I used to think that until I saw a girl carrying a work in turquoise 05 and it looked smashing! I feel like with smaller bags they need to go with the outfit more because they are a "accessory". But, with larger bags, since they tend to be more of a statement piece rather than part of the outfit, they can be any color they want - and the more fabulous, the better.