Tell me about magenta?


Sep 19, 2006
I have seen in person two out of the three pinks that interested me. I had a bubblegum first that I loved the color but not the fading and a rose city that just wasn't the color for me. Magenta has caught my eye from the begining because I like bright, loud colors. My concern from looking at all of the pics that have been posted here and when a seller has one on ebay is that I can not tell if the color is a loud bright magenta or a much more muted toned down color. For those of you that own it is more of a loud color or is it the more toned down color you see in the pics?

If you a pic that you think shows the true color of magenta please post it!!
I would definitely consider magenta a loud color. But, it does have a level of sophistication that prevents it from being obnoxious. There are definitely purple undertones that sometimes don't show up in pics. Here's a picture of a city that I borrowed from someone on the board. Notice the purple undertones near the top of the bag? That's pretty similar to how it looks in real life.

Sorry - I tried uploading the pic but it just wasn't working for me.
Magenta is a loud and bright colour and not toned down at all. I just love it especially when I'm wearing black or grey cloths it gives the right accent to my outfit.
It's one of my favourite Bbag colours together with the turquoise from 05.
i think the colour is loud... but not yucky loud, it's nice loud :P
i think this photo quite resemblance of the real colour :
I wondered the same thing. I look at them, think about bidding, but it looks too loud for me. I love pink and purple, but there's something about magenta that scares me. :nuts:
I recently got a magenta, and was very pleasantly surprised by how much better it looks than in pics. I keep noticing this about many colors. Pictures don't capture the depth of the colors.

the magenta is definitely an eye-popping color, but in a sophisticated grown up way, not in a hello kitty way. It's now one of my favorite colors, and I'm not a pink kinda gal. I prefer deep, over-saturated, darker colors. But the magenta almost fits the bill. It's very deep and saturated. the color doesn't just sit on top of the leather. Looks like the goat was conceived in a magenta womb.