Tell me about it! Come share your Chanel secrets!

  1. So all I see in Chanel section are photos photos photos! I love knowing all about the bags I buy and I don't know alot about Chanel. Share your knowledge with me! Any tidbits just put them here, tell me why there is a flap inside the bag in the Classics does it make sense to have two?:shrugs: Why is a Reissue called a Reissue.... What does Rock something or another mean? I love being able to answer questions regarding my bags but I just don't know enough yet! So tell me all about it! :wlae:
  2. Chag, this was posted a while back on the history of the re-issue. Thought it was interesting ....

  3. So what did the first flap actually look like, a reissue or a classic flap???

    I love the history lessons!!
  4. I love it!! Who knew lol!!! Not me, that's for sure!! Thanks maxter:heart::heart: I love these bits of information makes for an interesting read :okay:
  5. I agree Cyndi, I love learning more about Coco and Chanel:yes:
    Most bag ligne names have no real significance as far as I can tell and they're kinda bad about naming a lot of bags the same thing; like almost every ligne has a GST and a PST and a flap. . . .
    I know the CAmbon Ligne wa snamed after the road Rue Cambon in France though!
  6. Classic flap was the very first shoulder handbag introduced to the world.
  7. I saved a link from an interesting article (with lots of pics of making the 2.55!) about the 50th anniversary of the 2.55:

    Here are some quotes:

    The 2.55 is manufactured at a factory in the Parisian suburb of Verneuil, where 180 operations are required to complete the bag from start to finish.
    The factory, housed in a distinctive glass cuboid building, is staffed by super-efficient and highly experienced workers, who take two-and-a-half hours to produce one 2.55. And with just 12 being finished each day, it becomes easier to understand the product's sky-high price tag.

    Assemblage is the most critical stage of the production in making sure the handbags meet Chanel's high standards,
    and the tasks are carried out by four women with 80 years of handbag-making experience between them. Not just anyone can do this job, says Trippe.
    "It's very difficult to make the 2.55, and the employees who do so need to have at least five years of experience first."
  8. Oops Beautylicious, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike, lol!
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  10. those factory pics are amazing! I want a tour.
  11. The "low-down" of 2.55 taken from Stiletto 05/05/05

    A 3-micron gold-plated clasp
    6 people to make a purse

    10 hours' work
    180 manufacturing operations
    $1750: the U.S. price of a medium classic lambskin 2.55 (price back in 2005)
    $1595: the U.S price of a medium classic caviar 2.55 (price back in 2005)
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  13. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing!
  14. ah, that's beautiful man:love: