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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to this forum,and just bought my first Balenciaga (a greige day), and now I am addicted. :P I have my heart set on a blue first, and am debating between blueberry, marine, and ink. Ink sounds really interesting, but in a lot of photos it looks purple, which is not really what I am going for. Can anyone tell me about the *true* colour behaviour of the ink?

  2. It's not purpple. It's a very dark navy with a sligh purple undertone. In certain lighting it can take on a purplish hue, but in other lighting, it is decidely blue. Here are some pictures or my ink Twiggy in different lighting situations.

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  3. Oh and welcome to the forum. Lots of really nice girls here who are always helpful. We all share an addiction. :P
    Greige is enough to addict anyone. I LOVE Greige. :love:
  4. OMG Powder, i love your Ink Twiggy:drool: Where did you get it from? i have been looking for Ink City or Twiggy with a yummy leather for ever. Barneys had one but it was too veiny. :sad: You have gorgeous bags, lucky you.:love:
  5. Thank you Nanez. Actually my Mom got it from Barney's. There was a thread on Achtung and someone mentioned they had seen this at Barney's and it had really nice leather. When she got it, she thought it was like any other navy bag, was less than thrilled with it, so I took it. I had seen LiLo with one and thought it was really pretty. It was dry and needed a drink. After 3 coats of Apple conditioner it was just perfect. This was only a couple of months ago so maybe some of the more obscure stores still have some inks lurking in the back. :graucho:
  6. You are lucky, the only place i could find the Ink color is Barney's in Beverly Hills and they have the Twiggy but the SA told me it is very distressed and veiny. :sad: My favorite colors form 06 so far has been Blueberry City, Ink City or Twiggy which i can't find any where. Oh well, i just have to be more patient.:shrugs:
  7. Wow! Thank you for such a quick and happy reply, powderpuff. :yes: Your twiggy is beautiful, and it looks fab with your navy top. I think your pics have got me leaning towards ink... Does it ever look black? or is it more between navy and navy with a purplish tinge?
  8. oops, I just realized someone started a very similar thread not to long ago...sorry for any redundancy! :shame:
  9. ^no worries. Ink is one of the most beloved colors around here. we love hearing ourselves emote about ink over and over again! It's my favorite color.:love:
  10. Nanaz, have you tried calling Barney's NYC? I was able to find my ink twiggy from there a month ago. After I got mine, they at least still had one ink twiggy left. I can't say anything about the leather because I'm not local to Barney's NYC and had mine shipped as well.

    Here are some pictures, with flash though:

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  11. I just got an Ink Shrug last night and the one I have is like a very dark Eggplant color. I've seen other Ink B-bags and they range from looking black with bluish/purplish tones to just very deep dark purple. Depends on which one you get.
  12. Yep I think it depends there are some who have more undertones than others, my work looked pretty purple in sunlight.
  13. My city looks purple in direct sunlight, but dark blue/black at night, even under light ... Hope that helps!
  14. Well inks are very diverse. Some are more blue and some are more purple and their shades vary quite a bit. My ink first is more PURPLE. But some inks, like Powderpuffs, are more navy. The color of mine also looks different in different lighting. Also, the leather varies among different inks quite a bit. They are very unique. Here's some pics of my ink in different lighting:


    I also love how the color varies quite a bit on my bag. The pieces of leather around the buckles are more navy and darker than the main leather on my bag.

  15. My friend and I both have an ink bag and under the same light hers has more purple tones and mine leans more towards the blue. When we put it together they both look like different colors. So I really think it depends on the bag you get because I would say my ink's color also looks different from powderpuff100's and Pewter's bag.

    Nanaz, did you try Neiman Marcus? I believe xochrissie who works there had mentioned that they had a blueberry city either earlier this month or late last month but the leather may not be what you are looking for.