Tell me about Enamels.. How do you know

  1. what year they were produced? Do they reissue? How much they were when they first came out?

    I have decided to venture into the enamels and this could be bad..:nuts:
    TIA for all of your wise wisdom and words :lol:
  2. Great thread....You have lots of questions that I also had about these works of art.
  3. I wish I knew. I wish H would make a catalogue about these too like the scarves.
  4. I dont know much but I just got one last week and now I want more! Hope that helps. LOL
  5. Ghost you're in big trouble because you can't stop at one. it's addicting and you'll want more as soon as you bring home the first.
  6. Oh boy - it's a very slippery slope those H enamels!!!!
    I am hooked - VERY hooked.
    I do know that they have used a scarf design for enamels before. There is one coming out soon. As I understand it, there is no indication of the year of production on the bangles.
    One of my major H addictions! :smile:
  7. Ghost, I'm assuming you're referring to the enamel bracelets? If so, I believe they are date stamped like bags on the inner rim with a tiny letter corresponding to the year--I'm not sure if older bracelets have this or when they began stamping--probably in recent years.
  8. Some have the tiny date stamps like Orchid talked about, right above the Hermes logo. It's inconsistent, though -- I'm not sure if even the current ones have it.

    There are many designs issued to correspond with scarf designs. I have my eye on several that match the Astrologie scarf. Sometimes they issue a bracelet to go with the "theme" of the year's scarf production. I have one from the "year of Music", but sorry I don't have a photo.
  9. Thanks gals~ I am going to be like the police when I am in the mothership. I am going to ask all sorts of questions about the enamel bracelets. If you guys have any other questions about them post them here and I will make a list:okay:.

    I have just purchased my first one and I can't wait for her to arrive:yahoo:
  10. Great questions Ghost. I'd like to see a listing of design and colorways too.
  11. Well, pulling from my collection of 'one' lonely bracelet, which is a bunch of birds, it has a z ( Z= bag 1996) next to Made in Austria and I know I bought it close to the same time I bought the L'intrus scarf (bunch of birds) which I think came out in 1996. So maybe by the made in Austria is a mark?:confused1:
  12. That would be excellent~ It could go in the reference thread.:tup:
  13. Yes, that is where the letter to which I'm referring is.
  14. Thank you orchids and Encore~ we need to start a list.
    If you have an enamel, post the picture, name and year.
    Once we get enough we can start a reference thread:flowers:

    I am so excited!

  15. Interesting. The one I have is like a little "dimple" in the metal edge, right next to the Hermes on the inside. I think it's a ilttle R in a circle. They must have marked different ways in different ways.