Tell me about Eggplant

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  1. Eggplant lovers please chime in. Purple has been my favorite color since I was a wee bitty kiddy. But for some reason the Eggplant Bbag does not appeal to me. I'm starting to suspect that it's because I've never seen one IRL, and the pictures can't capture the true color...? :confused1:

    I know this was the case with Anis. I'd never seen it IRL, and didn't know what all the fuss was about. Until Nanaz described it as more green than yellow (totally looks yellow in pics). Now that I have one, I don't know how I ever lived without it. The color looks nothing like it shows in pics. Same goes for my 05 Teal.... much richer, deeper, more beautiful than it looked in pics.

    Is the same true for Eggplant? Is is darker, deeper and richer IRL, or are the pics pretty true to the color?
  2. I've loved purple since I was small too LOL! I remember walking around in an outfit that was ONLY purple and ending up looking like a plum!:roflmfao:

    It's true that the eggplant colour is difficult to capture. I tried my best here and can say it is close to the true colour:


    Hope this helps you decide if you love it or not!
  3. If you like purple, you will like eggplant. A really pretty, deep purple and from what I can tell - really supple leather.
  4. I love purple too, and Eggplant is a gorgeous one. Of course, the 04 leather itself doesn't hurt! It's like buttah...
  5. All of the Eggplant bags I've seen IRL are simply stunning--I am in dire want (need?) of an eggplant city myself and everytime another slips through I get anxious!
  6. It's hard to capture on camera how beautiful the color is. It's so saturated, such a beautiful, well.... eggplant color. The leather is gorgeous. When I saw mine for the first time it was about 10 times more gorgeous than I hoped it would be. Everyone that sees it loves it. It's not flashy like magentat, it's really dark purple. It's wearable with many things that a magenta wouldn't be.
    In the sunlight it really stuts it's stuff. That is the lighting that really shows it off.
    I paid a lot and would do it again. Stunning color!!:love:

  7. I'm not much of a purple person but i have to say that the leather on your bags PowderPuff and percephonie is stunning. Your bags look so soft...i just want to touch them and see how the earlier leather feels!
  8. Gosh, eggplant is such a gorgeous color!
  9. This is bad... very bad indeed:s . Do I really need yet another obssession? :shocked: I mean, haven't I bought enough, you evil enablers and my friends? Do you know that my buddy Saich and I have diagnosed my problem and it's called the "vomiting purse affliction," where you can't keep your purse shut, and its contents (namely cash) keep spewing out without warning and control? :throwup: I think all of you have this affliction too.:graucho: Eggplant is sounding really lovely!

    Perce and Powder, your pictures are going to haunt me for a while now. So deep and rich, great leather. I'm going to give myself a heart attack. Back to obssessing....
  10. This thread has made me want one even more!!!! :hysteric:
    Oh percephonie.....I wish I didn't wait so long on your purse you had for sale, it is killing me that I missed it!!!!
  11. :nuts: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too cute! little plum! They used to call me Purple Panther when I was little.

    Stunning bags, you have. Always.
  12. Purple has always been my favorite color too!!! Even my room growing up was a purple mauvy color. This is my favorite Bal color ever! I really think it photographs true to real life!
  13. I love Purple too and the City is stunning in this color.:yes: Deco, i am beginning to think that you and i like the same colors:graucho: i say go for it babeeeee.:jammin:
  14. Powder, you pierced my heart with one word: saturated!!! :love: :love: :drool:
  15. We do have the same taste! I still can't believe that Anis I got from you, and I'm thinking I may have the same reaction to Purple... resisted for a long time, but now in love!!!:heart: