tell me about ebene . . . .

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  1. i'm thinking about an ebene birkin -- what can you tell me about this color? does it go well with lots? and what about black -- will it look OK if i wear black, or is it too close to black not to clash with it?

    HELP!!!!! :confused1:

  2. hang on there DQ, I'll go take a pic of my Ebene Bolide with a black something in my closet.
  3. It's a rich, bitter chocolate brown. Where chocolat is more milk chocolate, Ebene is like a dark chocolate bar. You can absolutely wear it with black and everything else. I'm planning an ebene Clemence Bolide!
  4. It is gorgeous! It goes well with everything. I wear it with black all the time. It's dark enough to pop a little but it doesn't clash. I especially love wearing ebene and black and a scarf with black and brown in it (like Jungle Love in the black cw) HTH :smile:
  5. Its a gorgeous color i saw it IRL.. it matches EVERYTHING.. light and dark wardrobe.. i absolutely recommend it!!
  6. Here you go DQ--Ebene in Clemence against my Black trench. It's a beautiful color--like a very deep bitter espresso, more cool than warm, but still discernible against black. I actually really love it because it's quite rich compared to just plain brown and makes the bag a tad more formal. I think it would be beautiful in a Birkin.
    CIMG2462.jpg CIMG2459.jpg
  7. That's gorgeous, T......beautiful color!!!
  8. Gorgeous! Love that with black.
  9. my heros! (heroes? i can't spell for $hit)

    thanks so much, ladies -- and monstrously large thanks for the pix, orchids. JUST what i needed to make my decision, which is SOLD!!!
  10. It's about time I did some DQ-enabling here! Can't wait to hear more about this one; I think you'll really love it!
  11. Another lucky H shopper!
  12. GOD we're good...........
  13. LOL....less than 30 minutes from her posting.
  14. Sorry, I'm a little late to this thread but thought I'd post a phoo. This is a 35cm in Ebene Togo. The color is, IMO, one the BEST! You can seee what it looks like next to black Togo (Picotin).
  15. AuthenticLux...Absolutely gorgeous collection!!! Love these ebene bags...too bad about my current restriction...well... And...BTW...fabulous blog pics!!!