Tell me about Coach Denim

  1. I love denim, live in my jeans! I also love Coach :yes: so I'd like to see what Coach has ever put out in denim. You know-so I can drool over more stuff that I probably can't find anywhere now :rolleyes: So tell me about some of Coach's forays into denim and any pics will be much appreciated!!
  2. I know of the denim patchwork line from last summer serial number in the 10000 range. Picture attached. I guess there was another limited edition Coach made out of denim?? It looks just like jeans and the "pocket" has the signature C's on it.

    I don't have a picture of the 2nd one mentioned. I only have a picture of a fake one. You will probably get the jist of how it looks though.


  3. LOVE those slides, Jane!
  4. Thanks Heath-kkf, at least we now know what to watch out for. :smile:

    Love the limited edition tote! but it's a bit pricey for me.
  5. Oh those slides are nice... and just my size too :smile:
    Current bid is only 30.99... I can afford that! what do you want to bet they go up a bit before the auction ends? :shame:
  6. Coach had a real cute Denim Hobo last year. It sold out before ever getting to stores. And IMO it was overpriced but I would have paid retail for it. Never did and it went up on eBay for 2 or 3 times retail.

    Most people here hated it, but I would have jumped a jaguar to own one at retail. Latest Denim is the resort collection. It is nice, look it up on ebay.

    I am saving up for an LV denim.
  7. Thanks everyone! I wanted to get some inkling before I searched on ebay because I know there are bound to be fakes. I saw a Coach denim demi w/leather trim in Marshalls over the weekend but it was a bit dirty so I passed. Also, weirdly, the Coach tag didn't match the creed in the bag.

    I nearly bought a cute D&B denim on clearance for $72 at Marshalls yesterday, and then nearly bought a nice suede Lucky brand bag today for $65 (also Marshalls-different store. Don't ask, lol.) but decided I'd hold out for something Coach instead.
  8. One of the SA's hinted that the Legacy Cotton totes were coming out in denim and jade. April? The link had something to do with a "teaser".
  9. Yes! I saw that but had forgotten, thanks. I can't wait :drool:
  10. Some of the demim I just love. This is what i got my eyes on.....I saw it at my outlet, just couldn't pay $199 at that time, went back the next week and it was gone:sad: Here it is....
  11. Cute, cute!! I love it! Hope you find one :yes:
  12. thanks sweetmelissa, I hope you find the one you'll be happy with too:smile:
  13. Crazy cute - keep your eye out and maybe more will appear for you