tell me about bulga

  1. I have this bag in teal green, and the Pudding handbag by Bulga, in turquoise. The leather is very soft and the quality is terrific!

    If you haven't ever purchased from Revolve and you call them and tell them that you are a first time buyer-ask for the 30% they give-even on sale items. If not there are many sites that carry Bulga. I got mine on sale at and at Both of them on sale.

    I know that and carry them as does I believe the does as well.
    Check or for coupons. Good luck!:yes:
  2. oh no, bagshop has a cream one, but the foam one at revolve is cheaper with the 30% off. now i have a decision to make.
  3. I have the same style, but the larger one in beige!

    and I love it so much, it has very smooth and buttery leather that makes me baby it more than my Chanel and Chloe!LOL!!
    i even wash my hands before touch it.LOL!!!

    I have that on when it was on sale.hehe...I bought it just for $210, as I remember..
  4. Bulga's leather are my favorite. I have the pudding tote in navy and the studded tote in satin blue. I love them! That seafoam butterly tote is TDF. I've been eyeing that style but I really haven't seen any colors I like on sale. Good luck w/ your hunt!
  5. absolutely the best leather....def. a great buy!
  6. I just purchased this bag in the teal color because of the picture you posted a while back and because of the rave reviews of Bulga I've heard here. I am waiting for it to arrive. I am so excited!

  7. Show us pictures when it arrives-it's a beautiful bag-enjoy it!:yes:
  8. Bulga leather is buttery and it smells yummy.

    The bag you posted can usually be found at online stores that have codes. Sometimes the more unpopular colors go on sale.
  9. what stores? i'm debating between a pink one or the foam one - i have a code for revolve clothing for 30% off. where can i find sale ones?
  10. I have the Navy Large Studded Hobo, LOVE IT. I got it on sale at Holt Renfrew. The leather on their bags is amazingly soft. Good Luck with you decision.
  11. i love the styles, the leather is great quality