Tell me about Britt!

  1. Okay I tried the Medium Britt black hobo and I fell for it! But I can't pay retail right now, and all I see (cheaper than retail) is the large one. I also like the large boston bag, but I don't know what it looks like on (size, etc.). Can Britt owners post pics of you wearing your Britt? I'm dying for one :crybaby:

  2. Which Britt hobo are you talking about?
  3. ^ all black leather. GG logo in light gold hardware.
  4. You mean the large gold logo that resembles the Blondie collection?
  5. ^ Yes.
  6. Sorry these aren't as helpful as I'd like but I had loads of fun trying to take them:p. My san guccisima britt boston (not the large one though..don't know which one you wanted?) and my brown britt hobo.
    spy 004 (Large).jpg spy 005 (Large).jpg spy 006 (Large).jpg spy 007 (Large).jpg spy 008 (Large).jpg
  7. and another
    spy 010 (Large).jpg
  8. kneehighz, you look great in your guccis!
  9. I have that same hobo and I love it....I do wish it was a little bit bigger though.