Travel Tell me about BERMUDA!


Sep 17, 2006
Okay, planning a trip for May. If I go to Bermuda, I will need passports.. that's enough time, correct?

Now... Bermuda... I would love to know from experiences! It, to me, seems like a relaxing type place... and the LITTLE I have heard, there's not a lot to do there?

I feel like this is a loaded question because I know it depends on where you stay...

But boy, I am clueless... I always figure the place to start is by people's experiences, etc.



Aug 30, 2006
Where are you staying? We stayed at the Fairmont. Everything is extremely expensive, as everything except their water is imported. Food is expensive and in small portions, so I hope you're not a big eater!
There is a strip of shopping/restaurants where the cruises dock, as well as white beaches. The island itself is very small. You can walk around and look at little shops. There are nice beaches. And some poker tournaments at local hotels...
I think you can get some tours on the water...
Yeah, not too much to do, but it's nice.


Mar 13, 2007
we stay at Cambridge beaches- it is one of the nicer resort- but further away-- food is expensive but ours was included in our package-- small island -- hamilton is nice to see , the beaches are great to see-- the reef is one of them-- cab rides are expensive-- i understand the water does not really get warm until May not sure when you are going.
if you are into golf there are plenty of golf course there.

have fun


Aug 24, 2008
on the rock
Hi all. I live here in Bermuda... Let me know what you want to know.

May - the water is just starting to get warm. Definitely no shopping. Lots of golf courses. Its really a quaint island.. Walking.. small shops...

What do you like doing?
Aug 27, 2007
New York City
LOVE Bermuda! Very pretty,picturesque,clean & upscale feel! May the water is still chilly.
Usually stay at Elbow Beach Mandarin Oriental (that's we're I got married) & the beach is stunningly beautiful.
I would rent a scooter to tour the island(lots of fun), we walked the road that used to be the railroad to town from the hotel.
Do the Crystal & Fantasy Caves
Gibb's Hill Lighthouse
Shopping is like the Carribean island's small area full of jewelry & trinkets. But you can find some great British specialities e.g. jams,spreads,crackers.

But most important just relax and enjoy the beach & the sound of the ocean.