Tell me about 04 Rose...

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  1. I am interested in the color and what it looks like IRL. Is it as bright a pink as in some of the pics or is it a more muted color like the 04 lilac?
  2. I don't own any 04 Lilac or 04 Rose but it sure is on my wish list. :love:
  3. I used to own a rose 04 twiggy and it is one of the most beautiful colours - it's not so bright but very rich + the older leather -- yummmm! Unfortunately I am not a pink person and the pinkest I can go is the rose 05 which is like a pale pink. So i sold it in the end as i did not feel comfortable with the colour on me.
  4. I love the 04 rose a lot - to me it doesn't seem so much like an intense pink as like a faded red, if that makes sense. It's not pale or subtle, but it has a real vintage feel. Oddly enough, I don't consider myself a "pink" person, and don't love any of the other Bal pinks, but the 04 rose is one of my top 3 Bal colors.
  5. It's beautiful and muted. Not a Barbie pink like bubblegum. Now I love pink anything and I can't wait to get my hands on a bubblegum. I have the rose Twiggy and it's not an in your face pink and the leather is so soft and lightweight. Check in the pictures section and search for rose. I'm sure there are pictures in there.:yes:
  6. Thanks girls!! Powder I have looked at the photo's and the ones on the auctions and I guess that's where my question comes from. I am wondering if it is as intense of a pink as the photo's or is it more of a muted country pink like a mauve? I looked at the one's of your twiggy would you say they look like the real color or are they brighter and pinker?
  7. Meemie, I would say it's in between the two. On one hand it's not bright, on the other it's not as pale as a country pink or a mauve. It looks brighter and stronger in the pics than what it is IRL.
    For example if you look at my pics (and I know you know which pics I mean) the one with artificial light is really not like what it is IRL, but the ones taken with daylight are pretty close to it, just very slightly stronger, and, I don't know why there are some bluish undertones in the daylight pics as well that you won't absolutely find IRL. Rose 04 is hot pale but hot at the same time(not cold like bubblegum pink or lilac).
  8. I have a city and a weekender, and it is one of my favorite colors ever. It is definitely not pale or pastel. It is a more intense color, with a bit of a faded, vintage look to it. sometimes bad photos and flash make it look redder than it is.
  9. That's a lovely way to descibe it LP! Not a pink person myself, but would grab an '04 Rose First in a heartbeat, if I could afford it. That may be my one Bbag purchase next year, if I'm lucky enough to find one!