Tell me a Love Story!

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  1. How did you get your first love? If you bought it for yourself, what made you decide to take the plunge? Was it a piece you always wanted or just you were browsing and bought it?
    For those of you who had them awhile, are you shocked by the price increase?
    I remember when I was a broke grad student, an elderly lady would come in to my job with one she had for years and of course i drooled over it. One day she says "honey, you should just go get yourself one" lol, I don't think she realized how much the price was then :P
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  2. I bought a JUC whilst on holiday in Europe. Then loved it so much I decided to add to it with a love two months later! Now just to think of what comes next...
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  3. I wanted the love bracelet for a long time. I was pregnant with my second son last year following two very difficult miscarriages. It was a very anxious time and my husband who was planning on getting me the bracelet later in the year had my then 4 year old son get it for me for Valentine’s Day. He surprised me with it in the morning before leaving for school. :heart: My son loves that I wear the bracelet 24/7 that he gave me.
  4. I was given one on an anniversary by my DH. He got it at a good price while on a business trip and it came with everything. Gift wrap, wax seal, cleaning kit, the works. Because my job doesn't allow a bracelet on 24/7 he got me a RG cuff instead which fits me better than a size 15 LOVE. :heart:
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  5. Great topic! I remember about 12 years ago at my daughter‘s kindergarten there was a grandmother who used to wear a love bracelet with four diamonds in yellow gold.

    Being a jewelry lover, I used to always admire it from afar when I saw her for kids concerts etc.

    Fast forward to 3 years ago I left my job of 20 years. As a leaving gift my boss bought me my first love bracelet in YG as a leaving gift!
    The second one I purchased because I have two daughters and I guess well because I love them so much and I’m greedy[emoji41]

    Can’t wait to hear everyone’s story...
  6. Aww, how sweet. I am so sorry for your losses
  7. Wow, what an awesome boss!
  8. Right? I like to hear the story behind the jewelry *almost* as much as the pieces themselves haha almost:P
  9. NOT an awesome boss but he always paid well [emoji2]
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  10. :sad: well at least there's that
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  11. I was 19. I worked in a jean store in the mall all summer until I could afford to go downstairs and buy the bracelet.
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  12. I love that story!
  13. I decided to buy my love as a gift for myself after graduating from college with money I saved from an internship one summer. I wanted the bracelet since high school so when I finally bought it I was elated!
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  14. My first love was from DH for our 25th wedding anniversary. He bought me the yellow gold with 4 diamonds because we have 4 children. Dang....I feel like I worked hard for that bracelet...4 kids and a long marriage...:lol:
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  15. I have also admired the LOVE bracelet for a long time. Many many years ago, I always dreamed that one day the man in my life would buy one for me.

    Fast forward many happy years with a wonderful man that unfortunately does not care much for jewelry let alone at such an extravagant price. So I have started to fulfill my small list of 'forever-pieces' myself one by one. I managed to acquire a few nice bags and the LOVE bracelet. Next on my list is the JUC.

    While it would have been very romantic to receive the LOVE as a gift, I am also really proud that I can hold up my own and make my wishes come true one by one, without being dependent on anybody else.
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