Tell me a funny story about you and Lv.

  1. Can you tell me a funny story about you and Lv? :graucho:
  2. I will start . I'm standing at a counter paying for a pair of shoes when the Sa there reaches out and starts feeling up my bag.[ bag is sitting on counter] This is the second time this has happened to me . Both times in a shoe store, but different stores. I think These Sa need to change shops.
  3. shopping at vuitton I put my bag on the counter to look at another bag a lady came over and started picking up my bag and posing with it I was stood beside her and my face a bit like this :wtf:
  4. What did you say to her?
  5. I couldn't say anything I was stunned but a quick SA jumped to it's rescue and wisked her away to look at the display models

    :wlae::woohoo::choochoo: 4000 POSTS GUYS!!!:dothewave:
  6. Ha...congrats on 4,000 posts!
  7. The other day i was at Panera Bread and i had my DG archer sitting there and this little girl came up and just started wearing it, i didn't do anything until she would've walked away, but her mother came before that to rescue my LV!!
  8. I only have two *somewhat* funny (I guess) stories - 1. I was out with my Graffiti speedy and some lady said to me "I love your bag! It almost looks real! Where did you get it?" :wlae:and 2. I was using my denim neo speedy and some lady said to me "How old is your Coach bag? I was just at Coach store and they didn't have any bags that look like that. Is this from last season?" :shocked:
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. hm, ya my story may be kinda funny lol.

    2yrs ago i purchased my first LV, used for $200something. i resold it to buy a new one i saved up up up and bought one from LJ it was practically brand new. i paid her like $370 i think and she ran off with my money and that bee-eye-tee-see-H didn't stop me from getting another. she ruined my whole experience, but yeah, i bought a cerise speedy shortly after saving up alot again :smile:
  11. Thats horrible! I glad you finally got a bag in the end.
  12. I went in to pick up some items at LV Bloomingdale's in San Francisco with DH before we went to see the play, "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe".

    I was there with my Epi Ivoire Speedy and placed it on the table DH was sitting near and told him to keep an eye on it.

    I was in there for a while checking out pieces I held and then my SA went to wrap everything back up.
    So I went to get my CC from my wallet and my Speedy was gone! :wtf:

    Well, DH wasn't paying attention, but while I was at the other side of the boutique with my SA, another SA took my Speedy and put it away!!

    He said it looked "pristine" and thought it was left out by another customer, so he put it away! :p

    I got my lovely Speedy back and nothing was missing, but I was wondering what that SA was thinking since my bag wieghs a TON! :sweatdrop:
  13. oh my pinky! i can't believe your DH didn't notice someone making off with your bag! glad you got it back!
  14. ok so my friend asked how much my Damier 4 key holder cost he doens't know any better! so I said how much do you think? and he said $2 Dollars at the Dollar Store he was serious :roflmfao:
  15. OMG!
    A SA that fondled your bag ~~ you had a "purse perve":laugh::lol::lol: