Television Shows.....

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  1. ..... That you secretly like but are slightly embarassed to admit to watching!

    For me, it's the Golden Girls.:love: It's 1am, and they're on lifetime- you get to watch such lovely shows when you're an insomniac! :-P It just got me wondering if any of you lovely ladies had a show that you enjoyed, like Blindate, or some horrible MTV reality show. :-P

    Seriously though, love the GG, I'm such a Rose.

    OH! and I should add "the Nanny!" When I was younger I had suuuch a crush on Mr. Schefield! (sp?) lol.
  2. I love Blindate, web junk and best week ever!
  3. Omg. I love the GG too. Sophia cracks me up. I also love Maury. The paternity shows are my fav.
  4. I :love: GG and watch it with my mom all the time. I'm slightly embarassed to admit, though, I watch a ton of lifetime movies. I'm also addicted to nerdy shows like Discovery Channel programs and Discovery Healthy and Scifi Channel. I'm such a nerd. :sad: I also like celeb reality shows like "Meet The Barkers" and "Flavor of Love". I'm a strange person. lol :nuts:
  5. Best Week Ever always makes me LOL. I kind of like The Soup as well. :-P

    For inexplicable reasons, I find the guy who hosts web junk absolutely hilarious. :-X I watch too much tv!!!

    I swear, its only bc it's spring break and I have nothing to do right now.
  6. Every time I think of Maury, I think of fat babies... :lol:
  7. I watch Full House & Boy Meets World all the time...I still cry during touching scenes.

    Flava of Love on Vh1..hahaha. I was addicted! The drama was hilarious! I'm so glad he didn't pick the ...the girl he didn't pick. (Don't want to spoil for anyone!)

    I watch cartoons while getting ready in the morning =)
  8. I love Best Week Ever and VH1's The fabulous life of.... I am always made of fun of watching it because my BF thinks it totally makes me dumb.

    I do love CSI a lot though, I guess I have a inner nerd persona.
  9. I lvoed the drama, too. lol It got boring, though. They kept showing the spitting scene. The first time it was :lol:. Then, it got annoying. lol I didn't like either of the top two choice, so I'm kind of glad. That one he didn't pick was too crazy. I think she was bipolar.
  10. OMG, flavor of love was hilarious.. Especially the one where Pumkin spits at New YOrk! :lol: :lol: New York is weird, she always talks with her eyes closed.

    Don't miss the reunion in 2 weeks..
  11. Flava of Love on Vh1..hahaha. I was addicted! The drama was hilarious! I'm so glad he didn't pick the ...the girl he didn't pick. (Don't want to spoil for anyone!)

    hahaha me too !! New York !!! & Hoops it was crazy !!!! oh and Family plots, love it !

    ps) Dani How are you feeling ?
  12. i watch trashy tv and i'm PROUD of it! lol. pretty much any reality show...and i am sitting on my butt in front of that tv!!

    haha so to answer the question. nothing i'm really embarassed of watching...:biggrin:
  13. Oh my goodness, that was the grossest spitting thing I've ever seen in my life. It was so easy to get sucked into the flaor of love, but I always felt like I needed a shower after I watched it. :-X

    New York was either a good actress, or the most dillusional woman in the history of the world.

    PS) worlds better, thanks.:love: I promise to check in with a doctor when I can!
  14. I love The Soup... I absolutely love Brokeback Kong.

    I never miss web junk! DAng, I watch too much t.v.
  15. pumpkin?? haha i thought that was hilarious actually...:shame: