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  1. Hello All!!

    I just had a new tv (Samsung 55' LED) delivered to the house, and the picture quality is not as great as it was at the store. My SO is saying that it is due to the cable wire, and that a better quality one needs to be put in. Is this true. Thanks!!
  2. call your cable provider.
    Also, are you tuned into the HD channels?
  3. I guess... Hmmm.... I'll call Comcast.

  4. You have to pay extra for HD channels. Also, don't confuse digital with HD (high definition). All TV broadcasts are now digital, but that doesn't mean they're in HD.

    With Comcast, you'll probably have to get a new converter box and an HDMI cable to run from your new box into the rear of the TV.
  5. Oh okay!! I have a digital converter box... Thanks for your response. I'll call Comcast.

  6. You were right! I have to take the box in and swap it for a HD box.

  7. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that people have! HD channels require a particular receiver and cables, they don't come through a normal cable box or coxials. Also, when you get your HD box and HDMI cable, make sure your tv input is set to the correct input (it will probably be called something like HDMI 1). My parents somehow always manage to set theirs to something else and I have to set it back to HDTV when I visit.

    And congrats on a GREAT tv! The Samsung LEDs are haaaaawt.
  8. Thank you! Also, I got it from Best Buy!!!!;)

  9. I was curious if yo made a typo. You actually got an LED tv and not an LCD??
  10. I got the Samsung 55" 1080P LED HDTV.

  11. ^^Congrats on an amazing TV, and I agree with everything that Amanda said!
  12. I have comcast and best buy told me to still buy an HDMI cord because the one they give is not as good. I bought a 99 HDMI cord and a monster surge protector thing that was 79 when I bought my new TV 2 weeks ago. I also had to switch my box to an HDMI box. Best buy said the cords they have are better and to expensive for the cable people to give out. I wonder if I got ripped off. I also had Geek Squad to set it all up(that wa free).
  13. I bought a HDMI cord from Best Buy as well. The SA told me to get the $29.99 one since I was hooking it up to a cable box. She said that if I was hooking it up to a Blueray, then she would suggest the $69 one. It has something to do with the maximum something that the cable box transmits.:shrugs:

    Comcast has to deliver the HDMI box to me on Friday, because when I went to switch boxes they gave me a HD box with a very weird USB port. Plus ON DEMAND and the MENU were not coming up.:pout:I wanted to watch the tv so bad today...

  14. Thank you!:flowers:

  15. ^^^I wonder why mine was a 99 one? They also told me to buy another one if and when I will add a blue ray player. The monster surge protector is suppose to be great esp in older houses. I guess I am a sucker I just bought it. ( I bought a Sony Bravia 46 1080 LCD) I love it. Oh Call Comcast and tell them to bring you a new black box (the newest one is black) for HDMI and DVR together.