Telephone orders at Outlets

  1. Hi I was wondering... what do you do to place a telephone order at an outlet? How much is shipping usually? Do you get the extra percent off if they are having a sale?

    Please help.

    I would like to order this.... has anyone seen these at their outlet? Can I have the Telephone #. Thanks!!!!!!!
  2. Or this?

  3. They will sell it to you at full price if you phone order from the outlet. If you have an outlet near you that doesn't have what you want and there is one farther away that does have what you want, you can go into your outlet in person and have them do a charge send to you.
  4. My outlet had one of the brown legacy signature wristlets when I was there last's the Castle Rock outlet...let me know if you need me to get the number for you. They had them for I believe $69 and then 20% off of that.
  5. i tried calling several outlets and asked about phone orders and they all said, "outlets don't ship"
    like tanukiki said, i think the only way is a charge send.
  6. Castle Rock #303-814-0750
    heheh, it's on speeddial on my cell:shame::p