Telemarketers Are Calling My Cellphone!

  1. I just got off the phone with another telemarketer who has called my cell phone. Besides being annoying that I have to deal with it on my cell in addition to my work and landline numbers, this bothers me because it eats up my minutes each month. :cursing:

    I thought there was a rule that telemarketers can't call cell phone numbers and that there were big fines associated with it. I know I have heard it mentioned on news shows from time to time.

    Does anyone know anything about this? I would love to make it stop.
  2. I think you can add your cell phone to the national do not call list. I just got a random obscene text message this morning!
  3. That's terrible!!!

    And yes there is a national do not call list.
  4. That is not acceptable! The Do Not Call list can be helpful, I agreee, but it doesn't cover all callers. I don't what the exceptions are, but I think fund raisers are permitted to call you.

    Hope you get this straightene out! It is bad enough they bug us at home, but on our cell phones it's just too much! Something has to be safe from the predators!
  5. bagnshoo is correct you can add your cell to the do not call list.
  6. In addition to getting on the national do not call list, when you get a call from a telemarketer you can tell them "put me on YOUR do not call list". Each telemarketing group keeps their own personal do not call list, so you will never get a call from them again. If they do a repeat offense, you can have them fined for very large amounts. To ensure that they really put you on the do not call list for their company, you can ask them to send you a copy of their do not call policy, which all telemarketers are required to keep and send to you upon request.

    I also like to threaten to send them a bill for my cell phone minutes.
  7. Ironically as I was reading this thread I got a sales call from Verizon. :cursing:
  8. My phone's on the DNC list, and I make sure to reupdate it every couple years. I still manage to get calls on it and I demand to know where they got my number and ask them if they know of the DNC list and usually get hung up on. Then I report the number that called me.
  9. I'm Not Alone!!!!!!!!

    Every couple of months or so I'll get a random call from a telemarketer asking for me. I just usually tell them that they got the wrong number :p
  10. god I hate that, the most annoying time was when I was on holiday in the US I had to keep my mobile on (long story) but they called EVERY single morning at 9 am UK which made it 4am :cursing: