Telemarkers Stalk me in my office!!

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  1. I work for my own business with my father and they call the office all day, they will call back over and over again and even argue with me. They make me nuts. I cant even get on the do not call list because I am a business.
  2. Although you can't be put on the general DNC list, you can inform them to place you on their DNC nice, ask them their name, the company name and their phone number...then slam them....tell them place me on your do not call list, I am making a note of my request and if I receive another call I will report you to the FTC....that usually does the trick.

    Good luck!
  3. ^ I totally agree!
  4. Yes, do what Tink said! I get telemarketers at my office too...the worst are those sneaky ones who will try to pass themselves off as a rep from a legit company that your company uses :cursing:
  5. To be honest, there's not really any point telling the telemarketers not to call again - they don't have any control over which numbers that will be called as they use a computer dialer to decide that. I worked as a phone interviewer for some while (which I hated so much that in the end I cried before and after work), and it was horrible calling really mean people who told me off because they had told somebody else earlier never to call again and threatened me. I had no control over which numbers my computer called!

    On the other hand, I understand how annoying telemarketers are, and I really wish there was a list people had to sign *on* to receive those kinds of calls. That would make things so much more comfortable for everybody as those who don't want calls won't get called, and those poor people who tries to support themselves (the job is so horrible, I can't imagine anybody doing it if they don't need to) don't have to feel any worse than they already do. Because for me, I felt bad for disturbing people even when they politely rejected.
  6. ^^^That's actually not true, that just means the company you worked for did not have the required FTC mandated protocals in place. When ever a customer requested to be placed on the DNC list, they are required to remove the number from call databases. Sometimes it takes awhile, because the outbound call program is not updated that quickly. The FTC gives them 30 days from date or request before they start fining them.
  7. what is so bad is i get the ones that will call me over and over and yell at me, i can understand someone calling me once and trying to sell something, and i say no thank you politely. but i get these people that harrass me and will literally call me 3 times in 5 minutes its crazy!!