Tekla owners- are you loving your bag?

  1. I just got my Tekla today from NM. She's gorgeous, there is no doubt about it but I'm not sure I'm in LOVE.

    How is your Tekla working out for you? I think the thing that is bugging me is that she looks a little briefcase-y. What do you guys think? Or is Tekla too soft and yummy to look briefcase-y???? Help me decide!!!!
  2. I've had my Tekla for several months and I do like it. I don't carry it all the time but find when I do, I really enjoy it. I personally like all the pockets and the soft leather. I have the shoulder strap version and it's great for travel.
  3. I had a Tekla a few months ago and while it was so gorgeous, I had a hard time actually using it because lamb leather stains so bad and as much as I baby my bags, its a high maintenaance bag for me. Plus I had issues with it being lamb period. I didnt realize it was lamb until after I got it. So I sold it.
  4. Even though I haven't used it yet, I think it would be a good travel bag. It's too big for everyday use, and I admit a little brief casey. And if I get stuck at the airport, the softness makes a good pillow :p
  5. I just posted this in the Tekla thread in the reference library, but wanted to share it here too....

    I got my Tekla about a week and a half ago- the red shoulder bag. I used it for the first time on Monday and seriously came to tears because it BROKE! I have heard about the shoulder straps breaking so I was nervous and only put the normal contents I usually carry in my bag into it- wallet, planner, cosmetic bag, cell phone & charger, prescrib meds, gum, and keys. The only extra thing I added was a bottle of water, but this must have done it, because the strap pulled right thru the thin leather. I'm really so disappointed because now it will have to be returned. But, it is annoying that you can't fill a bag so huge with not much at all. I guess if it won't even fit those things then I don't need it anyway, but it's still sad. :sad:

    So be warned ladies... do not try to put too much in a Tekla or you will indeed break the shoulder stap.
  6. Sorry to hear that Elle. At least you found out in good time to return it. I think I just won't use the shoulder strap then...
  7. Elle, so sorry to hear about your bag. Not sure what is going on with these Tekla's. I have one that I've had for a couple of months, took it on a trip and put magazines, water bottles, cosmetics, wrap, wallet, cell phone, gum, etc. in it, and no problems. I've read where there have been problems, so I put mine to the test initially, just in case, and so far so good. I wondering if maybe there were 'several batches' of these bags manufactured, some with the defect, and some without.
    Again, so sorry about your bag, I definitely would return it.
    Just curious, where did the shoulder strap tear, was it the leather on the bag??
  8. My girlfriend has one and she isnt loving her's either. Im not keen on the handbag at all or id have bought it from her.

    Im sorry to hear you too are feeling the same way. Maybe you could part company and use the money to pay for another handbag you love?
  9. I just got the Tekla-Shoulder Bag and it broke too! The attachment that holds the strap to the bag ripped right through the leather! I was so gentle with it-- since I read another TPFer had the same thing happen-- and only carried minor necesseties (i.e. wallet, keys, ipod and sunglasses). I loved this bag, but I am so disappointed in the quality and am going to return it ASAP.

  10. Yes, this is exactly what happened to mine too...upon first use!!!

    Maybe some are stronger than others and it was just a bad batch. I'm in agony because I loved the soft lambskin so so much, but am unsure about having it repaired because it would take months! Has anyone even tried this with a Tekla? I don't really know what they could do to fix it unless they patch over the leather or something. I think it would look awful. My wallet says return especially since I already own 20 (gulp) Chloe bags. I also have a bordeaux Balenciaga Work bag that is almost the exact color and style (minus the shoulder strap) which is making it really hard for me to justify keeping and repairing this Tekla. What do you gals think? It's just sooooo soft....:drool:
  11. Elle B,

    Check out this thread from Angelfish:


    Seems she had a tekla and tried to get it repaired, but it was not possible. I love the Tekla, but since it is so delicate, I can't imagine how it would be repaired. Also, I'm concerned that the same thing will happen again the next time I use it, so I'm taking it back to Neiman's today. Good Luck!
  12. That may be the wrong thread-- I can't seem to remember where I read that it was not possible to fix the ripped leather.
  13. I found a replacement Bordeaux Tekla online last night at NM....YEAH!!!! Too bad I'll be too afraid to use the strap again! LOL
  14. You bought another one? Wow, I'm impressed, you got guts! :p