Tekla good for a baby bag? Scared of it breaking!

  1. I am head over heels in love with it, but have read a few posts mentioning that their handles broke. Dont know if I should go for it but there are tons of great sales right now, so now is the time to move!!!!

    If the blue were available in a shoulder bag, I would have gone for it, I adore it so much, but it is only available in a messenger bag, and I dont know if I want a messenger bag. :confused1: Is there a huge difference??
  2. I, too, had watched that bag for a long time. I have the red (bourdeaux) large shoulder bag....has the double handles and shoulder strap. I absolutely love it. I originally got it for travel, thought I would give it a spin around town, and just love all the 'nooks and crannies' of pockets, zippers, and room that I've been carrying it a lot. I also put it on my shoulders, the handles are large, so it will slip over my shoulders, it is a bit tighter than a shoulder bag, but it works well. In fact, that's how I carry it most. I also appreciate the benefit of hands free aspect of a messenger bag. By the way, I AM NOT PETITE, I'm 5'9".
    The blue is beautiful, I bought mine at Neiman's at their Designer Day sale last month, it was 40% off, I used my $375 gift card in addition, and bourdeaux was the only color left, so I took advantage of that sale. I do really like the bourdeaux. I think all the colors in that leather are beautiful. Mine is new, so not sure how the handles hold up, but it looks very sturdy, seems like it would be the perfect baby bag.
    Hope this helps.
  3. as a baby bag the messenger style might be even better for you so you can have a hands free option!
  4. I just ordered two, one in chocolate and the other in metallic black. I couldn't resist after reading all the posts on how scrumptious the bag is. I think you'd be happy with it as a baby bag. I"m not sure about the handle thing, but I can let you know when mine arrives how sturdy they are.
  5. Do you think its not sturdy enough to use for an every day work bag, i.e. putting a lightweight laptop in it and other things? Thanks!
  6. Not to burst your bubble, but the deal with the handles is that the leather rips where both the handles and the messanger strap attach. I sell chloe and the most bags that come back are teklas, because the leather is so thin and it rips. It is one of the cutest styles but you should be very careful on how much you carry in this bag.
  7. I've carried quite a bit in mine and so far so good. I remember reading another post about a different kind of handle structure on the latter styles?? Not sure if that's true or not, or just the bag itself. I keep checking my handles to make sure they're not coming loose. I have not tried a laptop yet, so can't say about that weight, but I have had a water bottle, magazines, cosmetic bags, etc., I traveled with mine and it held up well.
    Maybe the best thing to do is just try it, you can always return it if purchased from a reputable store.
  8. I would be leary about using it to carry heavy items. I seen the Tekla irl and it is really cute but it did not seem strudy imo.