Tekels - Grail Dachsund Scarf *PICS*

  1. Well, it's here.:yahoo: :yahoo:

    This is the grail scarf that has been in my sig for months. This is an Xavier Poret scarf, untitled, and I am not sure of the year, but it is quite old...I was lucky enough to bid and win this scarf, and I am thrilled to share pictures with you all.

    I thought this special scarf deserved its own thread, it is quite rare and I feel so in awe. Thanks for looking!!!
    tekels entire1.jpg 4tekels1.jpg 3tekels1.jpg 2tekels1.jpg
  2. More close ups!
    1tekel1.jpg 1tekel2.jpg 1tekel3.jpg
  3. Love it!!!
  4. Last batch!
    tekels folded.jpg weenie tekel.jpg weenie tekel2.jpg weenie1.jpg
  5. Ohh that is just gorgeous
    I have Scottish Deerhounds , that I show, and judge at championship shows
    I also judge dachs at open shows
    this is such a good likeness I know so many people who would love to own this
    well done am very pleased for you
    it truly is a lovely smooth Dac
  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats.. I love your doggie! Isn't great to finally be able own your grail!
  7. What a sweet scarf!! Can't let my friend see this, or she'll be on the hunt for one too.
  8. Just a gorgeous scarf, COBALT! I can see why you love it so.......your beautiful baby is the whole design!!!!
  9. Where's Crochet?
  10. OMG I love it!!!! :nuts: Congrats!!!
  11. Thank you everyone!!!!
    Poret must have loved these dogs so much, you can really see it in the way he completely captured the essence of the breed in every picture and sketch.

    It's really amazing!
  12. Awwww, I love it!! Congrats on attaining your grail! Hey, Susi - did you see this fabu scarf?
  13. Love it, love it.
    Beautiful scarf and dog!
  14. Love it, love it, love it Cobalt! It's a perfect match to your adorable puppy dog!

    I'm so glad you found one of your grails. I'm so glad it wasn't excluded on the scarf ban. (which is actually sorta like my scarf bans--excludes only things I didn't really want that bad!)
  15. The doxie in the lower right hand corner looks so much like my Bailey! :heart: :heart: :heart: Oh CB It's fabulous, had to come back for another look!